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Tips and Tricks: How to Fuel Your Workout

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Tips and Tricks: How to Fuel Your Workout

From the night before to the drive to your gym, here’s how to achieve even better workouts!

The Night Before: Pack Your Gym Bag
Have you ever pulled up to your gym or workout class only to find you didn’t have a hair tie, socks or even the right shoes? Ugh. Bookmark this checklist so you’re always ready for your next sweat sesh.

Gym Bag Checklist: Pack these each time:
Gym shoes and socks
Tank or tee
Sports bra
Small towel

Always keep these in your bag:
Hair ties
Water bottle
Hair brush
Cleansing wipes

The Day Of: Snack Wisely
Making healthy food choices pre-workout is so important to ensuring you’re successful during your workout. Prep your body for a sweaty, heart-pumping hour by fueling up with a  high-protein snack 30 minutes to three hours before a workout...don’t forget to drink plenty of water during the day as well!

Our fave pre-workout snacks:
Apple with peanut butter
Greek yogurt with granola
Dried fruit with a handful of nuts
Oatmeal with mixed berries
Green power smoothie

The Hour Before: Get Powered Up
The hardest part about any workout is getting there. Make that time between home or work and your time at the gym productive by setting your intentions and getting powered up for the workout ahead. Listen to a motivational playlist, think about all the reasons working out is important to you in the first place, and visualize how amazing you’ll feel once your workout is complete.

“A year from now you’ll be so glad you started today.”


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