May 2024

Transform Your Workout With the Mobility Collection

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Transform Your Workout With the Mobility Collection

One Low Price, No Subscription Required! Ready to step into your power and feel both flexible and strong The Mobility Collection features 5 special-edition workouts to add before or after your regular workout to help you maximize your results.

These exercises blend strength, flexibility, and movement to give your body a complete tune-up in just one session! 

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Why the Mobility Collection

These add-on workouts are your secret weapon to prevent injury, manage pain, improve athletic performance, and – most of all – boost longevity. Optimize your routine by doing these exercises before your workout to prime and prep the body OR after your workout to enhance recovery.

This collection is a game-changer for long-term fitness results. Level up your routine, today!

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What to Expect

See what the Jazzercise FitPros and customers are saying about the all-new Mobility Collection:

"The low-impact nature of the movements from these Mobility workouts allow me to be intentional in my execution, fostering a stronger mind-body connection." – Jazzercise FitPro, Kenya Robinson

"Adding Mobility before a workout really prepares my body to tackle whatever challenging work I'm about to do. It's a proactive approach that primes my muscles and joints to be fully prepared, strong, and mentally puts me in or more energized state." – Jazzercise FitPro, Young McCarthy

“Jazzercise knocked it out of the park with the new Mobility Series. If you haven’t signed up, I highly encourage it. Such a great addition for our health and daily functioning!" - On Demand customer, Christine C.

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The Benefits

💪  MOVE EASIER: Imagine moving more freely, like you're not carrying any extra weight in your muscles. That's what Mobility does! It improves your range of motion, making every movement smoother and easier.

💪 PREVENT INJURIES: Mobility exercises help prevent injuries by keeping your muscles and joints stable, balanced, and flexible.

💪 ENHANCED RECOVERY: Mobility helps your muscles bounce back faster after a tough workout. It's like hitting the reset button, so you can live your healthiest, happiest life. 

READY, SET, LEVEL UP! Select a package here to transform your workout!

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