June 2024

Summer of strong! Why we aim to keep sweating all summer long

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Summer of strong! Why we aim to keep sweating all summer long

Ah, sweet, sweet summertime. Lazy days by the pool, toes in the sand, veggies on the grill, and late sunsets from your porch. Summer is the time of year we long for all winter because of those incredible sun-kissed moments! 

There’s no better time to prioritize your sweat sessions than during the glorious summer months. A consistent workout routine during the summer can prepare your mind and body for a calmer, healthier, more enjoyable winter (and we all need a little extra vitality during those winter months, right?) 

When you keep your exercise routine strong all summer, you’re strengthening major systems in your body that you’ll rely on during the winter. Here’s how! 

A stronger immune system

It’s easy to forget about cold and flu season when it’s so far out, but we can prepare our bodies to fight off viruses and colds by implementing a solid exercise routine in the summer! 

Exercise increases immune cells in our bodies, decreases inflammation, and strengthens major muscles and organs that are affected by many viruses—like our lungs. The stronger your body is  heading into the virus-heavy months, the easier you’ll  fight off unwanted infections! 

Better sleep 

Exercise is a key ingredient to a better night’s sleep, which is one of the BIGGEST factors when it comes to our physical and mental health. 

Better sleep is linked to better overall mood, immune health, weight management, and hormone regulation. It’s a big deal, and exercise is a total “cheat code” when it comes to mastering sleep. 

When you exercise regularly, you regulate your core body temperature, your hormones, and your circadian rhythm. This will improve your sleep quality, combat sickness and fatigue, and keep you healthy all year long.

Boost in mood & self-esteem  

While feeling happy and carefree may come easily in the sunshine, the winter months are a bit more challenging when it comes to mental health.

Sticking to a consistent  exercise routine in the summer can help  stabilize your mood long-term. When we exercise, we release the feel-good brain chemicals that improve cognition and confidence while reducing stress. Bring on those endorphins, baby! 

Self-esteem is a surprising component of total-body health.  When you feel better about yourself, you’ll feel better overall. Low self-esteem has been linked to lower quality of life, lowered immune response, and anxiety disorders.  Now, there’s a big difference between feeling down and suffering from low self-esteem. Everyone feels down from time to time, that’s a natural part of life. The difference is implementing the routines and resources to bring yourself back to a healthy state. 

Let’s get started

So, if you want to stay healthy long after summer, meet us on the dance floor in person or online! This is your chance to build the routines, friendships, and muscle to fuel your best life all year long.

And hey, if you’re traveling this summer, we’ve GOT you! You can experience all the benefits of a consistent fitness routine on the go with our Travel-Friendly Workout Collection offered on Jazzercise On Demand. This carefully curated collection features quick, no-equipment workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere.

What are you waiting for? Click below to get started with online or in-person workouts today.


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