May 2024

Dance Fitness: Elevating Mood and Energy the Fun Way

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Dance Fitness: Elevating Mood and Energy the Fun Way

Some things just naturally go together. Like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, and, of course, milk and cookies. Dance and fitness are another dynamic combo you need to try!

Dance fitness classes incorporate high-energy, rhythmic dance moves to burn calories and fat, strengthen muscles, and boost energy levels. Dance fitness exercises also release feel-good hormones called endorphins, which give you that oh-so-happy feeling after working out!

"Simply put, to dance is to experience joy. The best part about dance fitness is that it allows everyone to experience how uplifting, motivating, and gratifying it can be to move your body to music. My best advice if you're nervous? Allow yourself to get lost in the moment! Once you feel the joy of a Jazzercise class, you'll never look back" explained Jazzercise FitPro Emily Newlands.

At Jazzercise, you can energize your routine with the perfect pairing of dance and fitness every day of the week! You’ll dance party to the latest hit music and sculpt your body with calorie-blasting, muscle-building dance cardio and strength workouts! 

Ready to love your workout? Check our schedule and meet us on the dance floor!

Benefits of Dance Fitness

The benefits of dancing are endless — but here are some of our favorites! Dance fitness boosts physical health, enhances mood and energy, and improves overall well-being! Plus, dance fitness classes offer a positive and supportive community, allowing you to make new friends and feel motivated while crushing your fitness goals. 

Emotional Benefits of Dance Fitness

Sure, dance fitness is a body-rocking cardiovascular workout, but it can also reduce stress and support your mental health.

We already know that exercise builds self-confidence. Adding dance to the mix helps relieve tension and promote mental and physical resiliency. Trust us, after experiencing the joy and fun from our dance and fitness studios week after week, there’s no turning back. It’s an absolute game-changer for anyone looking to ditch boring workouts!

Cognitive and Coordination Benefits

The importance of dance for mental cognition and coordination extends far beyond the studio. This is due to even MORE benefits of dancing: improved flexibility, range of motion, balance, and coordination. 

When you take dance fitness classes, you’ll soon find that everyday activities are easier to perform, with less risk of injury. You will live better with dance; research suggests you may even live longer!

You may also experience improved focus and memory. That‘s because of your brain’s efforts to learn and memorize the choreography! (By the way, if you feel intimidated by this aspect of dance fitness, we’ve got you. Your FitPro will show you exactly what to do, and it won’t be long before you’ve got the moves down!) All these cognitive improvements will follow you right out of the studio’s doors into your work, school, and home life. 

One Workout for Any Health Goal

Whether you want to gain lean muscle, maintain a healthy weight, feel confident in your favorite clothes, or increase your energy, dance fitness can help you achieve your fitness goals. You’ll burn hundreds of calories an hour in class while increasing bone density and sculpting muscles. Best of all, it’s totally possible to dance your way to a healthier you without even realizing you’re working out! That’s how much FUN dance fitness classes can be!

Tips to Get Started

So, ready to get started? Here are some helpful exercise routine tips to launch your dance fitness journey. You can also use these tips to maintain consistency along the way!

  • • Choose an activity that you enjoy: There’s no need to dread your workouts. If you hate running, then don’t do it! Instead, find something you LOVE that leaves you counting the minutes until your next workout — like dance fitness!
  • • Make it social: Having a workout partner (or an entire sweat squad!) makes a huge difference in making exercise more sustainable! So recruit a friend, join a group fitness program, or — better yet — do both! Workout friends are the BEST way to be accountable since it’s way harder to skip a sweat sesh when someone else is counting on you.
  • • Start early: Many say that the key to maintaining workout consistency is to get it done first thing in the morning. If you can, try heading to your nearest dance and fitness studio before your day gets packed. If mornings aren’t your thing, find a consistent exercise time that works for you. Studies show the best time to work out is any time you can stick to!

To learn more about dance fitness, boosting your mood through movement, or the importance of dance, check in with our FitPro team. We can’t wait to dance with you!


What are the benefits of dancing?

There are many physical and mental health benefits of dancing. Dancing burns calories, strengthens muscles, and improves flexibility. It can help you manage your weight, improve heart health, reduce injuries, and prevent disease. Dance also boosts mental well-being by lifting mood, reducing stress, and enhancing focus and memory. You’ll feel happier, live healthier, and even think more clearly after joining the ultimate dance party!

Can dance fitness classes help with weight management? 

Dance fitness is a highly effective way to burn calories, build lean muscle, and stay fit. No matter what your fitness goal is, dance fitness can help you achieve results and stay healthy.

Does Jazzercise require prior dance experience? 

Nope! You don’t need any dance experience to join the dance party at Jazzercise. Our FitPro instructors will show you exactly what to do. For your first dance fitness class, we recommend arriving early, introducing yourself, and sharing any important health details.

Not sure which class to take? Our signature dance fitness workouts are effective for every age and stage. Always talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise program. We always offer modifications and support throughout class. 

What should I wear to a dance and fitness studio? 

We suggest wearing comfortable, flexible clothing and athletic shoes to your dance and fitness studio classes. Also, don’t forget a bottle of water and a towel!

Does Jazzercise offer childcare services?

Yes, we do! Convenient on-site babysitting services are available most days at most Jazzercise locations — contact your location for details. Jazzercise is proud to support busy moms and their little ones.

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