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Why Body Sculpting Will Be Your New Favorite Workout

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Why Body Sculpting Will Be Your New Favorite Workout

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Anyone who tries Jazzercise knows how much dance cardio has to offer. But there’s another component of Jazzercise workouts that will take your weekly routine to the next level: body sculpting!

Most Jazzercise classes include sculpting exercises which give you a comprehensive, total-body workout. When you pair our feel-good dance moves with strength training, you’ll achieve the powerful metabolism-boosting workout you’ve been looking for! 

”There is nothing I love more than dancing, but the sculpting routines at Jazzercise give me the same feel-good endorphin rush as the cardio segment! The music and dance-based movements are way more fun than what you typically experience when lifting weights" FitPro Emily Newlands commented.

In our body sculpting classes, you’ll use equipment like hand weights, resistance bands, and your body weight to sculpt and tone your muscles. With sculpting and toning exercises, you’ll develop lean muscles rather than large or bulky ones. 

But don’t worry, you’ll still be smiling from start to finish. Our classes are set to the latest hits, making sweating and sculpting feel like a party!

Along with toning, body sculpting exercises have incredible benefits like helping you lose weight, boosting your overall fitness, and improving your quality of life. This is why we add body sculpting exercises into almost all our class formats, especially Sculpt and Power Sculpt classes.

Before you get started, let’s talk about the different types of body sculpting exercises, body sculpting classes, and how to incorporate body sculpting training into your fitness routine. Let’s go!

Benefits of Body Sculpting

Jazzercise’s body sculpting training offers a range of important health benefits. Before long, you’ll notice an increase in lean muscle mass, strength, and endurance. This new endurance will make your daily activities – lifting heavy objects, walking distances, or carrying around kids or grandkids – notably easier. 

Body sculpting will also improve your balance and work to strengthen your bones and improve your balance. Fall risk? No, thank you! These exercises are designed to build the strength you need to reduce your risk of falling or injuring yourself. As we age, body sculpting exercises become even more important because we lose bone density and muscle mass. People who adopt strength training workouts tend to live longer, improve their bone density and muscle mass, and lead happier lives. If that’s not something to strive for, then we don’t know what is!

Muscle sculpting can also help you burn calories and improve your flexibility. As you build a greater muscle mass, your metabolism will increase. This means that you won’t only be burning calories during class but throughout your day, too! 

In addition to these incredible benefits of body sculpting, this type of exercise does wonders to support your mental health. Strength training can boost confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve mood. In other words, not only are you going to look good, you’re going to feel good, too!

Body Sculpting Exercises

Body sculpting training targets specific muscle groups, including the upper torso, abs, glutes, and legs. 

Body sculpting exercises for the upper torso include:

  • • Bicep curls
  • • Tricep extensions
  • • Shoulder presses
  • • Push-ups
  • • Deltoid and back flys
  • • Chest presses

Body sculpting exercises for the abdominal area include:

  • • Sit-ups
  • • Crunches
  • • Planks

Body sculpting exercises for the glutes and legs include:

  • • Squats (called “pliés” at Jazzercise)
  • • Lunges
  • • Calf raises (called “relevés” at Jazzercise)

To avoid injury and achieve the best results, follow your instructor and maintain good form when performing muscle-sculpting exercises. If you are just getting started with body-sculpting training, don’t worry! All of our classes can be modified to your fitness level. Just ask your instructor for more details before class. Don’t forget that you should always consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

Body Sculpting Classes

At Jazzercise, we offer dedicated Sculpt classes that help sculpt and tone your muscles in a safe, supportive environment. During class, you may use hand weights, resistance bands, and/or your body weight as we perform dance moves, squats, push-ups, planks, and other targeted exercises for a full-body sculpting workout – all set to today’s hottest music! After every workout, we lead you through a cool-down stretch series to lower your heart rate, prevent injuries, and aid in muscle recovery.

We also offer Cardio Sculpt and Power Sculpt classes at our studios. Both of these class formats are also available in a low-impact format. Our signature dance-based workouts include cardiovascular-boosting moves, along with segments of body sculpting training and stretching exercises. 

Our Sculpt class format provides about three times the body sculpting exercises of Cardio, Stretch, and LO classes. If you want to take advantage of these sculpting exercises without giving up more cardio-driven classes, consider a double workout once a week by taking back-to-back Jazzercise classes! 

No matter which body sculpt class you decide to attend, you are already well on your way to stronger muscles, improved flexibility, and overall better health. Plus, our classes are a great place to make friends, set new goals, and be part of your local community!

How to Incorporate Body Sculpting into Your Fitness Routine

Since body sculpting training can be done anywhere, there are several easy ways to incorporate body sculpting workouts into your fitness routine. 

You can sculpt and tone in the convenience of your home by using your own body weight, bands, and hand weights. If you don’t have hand weights available, try using canned foods, water bottles, or other household objects to provide some resistance. Then, crank up the tunes, watch a favorite TV show, or enjoy some quiet workout time as you build lean muscle, burn calories, and get fit. 

If you’re looking for more motivating guidance, check out our home-based workouts with Jazzercise On Demand. We offer hundreds of on-the-go strength-based, body-sculpting workouts that you can do from any place, any time. 

Muscle sculpting is also offered at any Jazzercise studio. In addition to our dedicated Sculpt classes, you will find body sculpting exercises to be an important part of our Cardio, Stretch, and LO programs. 

For anyone just getting started, our instructors will guide you through the proper form and technique to achieve the best results possible from your body sculpt class. Just be sure to arrive early and let your instructor know it is your first class. They can provide personalized advice, suggest modified movements, and keep an extra eye out for you during the workout. 

If you are concerned that your current fitness level, an underlying medical condition, or a past injury will impact your Jazzercise experience, don’t worry! There are modified moves for every class. We also offer low-impact versions of our most popular classes, like Cardio Sculpt and Power Sculpt. Our low-impact classes are easier on the joints while still providing an effective, energizing workout.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to sculpt and tone your muscles – and plenty of reasons to make the effort. Now that you know all the benefits of body sculpting, are you ready to join us? From at-home muscle sculpting workouts to in-person body-rocking dance parties, all you need to do is show up to the dance floor. We’ll see you there!

Contact your local Jazzercise location, check out @jazzercise on Instagram, or message us through our website. We can’t wait to dance with you!

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