October 2023

Buddy Up! 5 Reasons You Should Try Working Out With a Friend

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Buddy Up! 5 Reasons You Should Try Working Out With a Friend

When Tani Richards walked into the Southlake Jazzercise studio in 2019, then-owner Adrienne Menichini knew instantly that she had someone special on her hands. 

“She was a ball of energy, oozed FUN, and seriously lit up the room!” Adrienne said. “It was instant friendship.” 

The bond between the two women developed quickly and even had an impact on seasoned vet Menichini’s own workout journey. 

“Having Tani in class always made me want to work harder,” Adrienne said. “She made every class she walked into a party. I jumped higher, I dropped it lower, we out-sang each other, we laughed louder than anyone, and, of course, everything was a competition. We shared fitness stories. We shared family stories. We shared life stories!”

Fast forward four years, and the two women have developed a deep friendship they both rave about — and have even become colleagues along the way. With Adrienne’s encouragement and mentorship, Tani eventually became an instructor and then bought Adrienne’s business from her. 

“Adrienne has taught me so much while on my Jazzercise journey,” Tani said. “From diet changes to balancing work and mom life as the new owner of her studio…she intensely cares about me and my family. My kids call her Auntie A! She's one of my go-tos when something amazing or terrible happens in my life.”

Both Tani and Adrienne have seen the life-changing impact of having a fitness family, so both women want to see their studio members connect and make lifelong friendships through exercise just like they did. 

“When we don’t have a supportive exercise community, we don’t prioritize it. We don’t crave it, want it, or believe that we will benefit from it,” said Adrienne. “Exercising with friends changes that in an instant! Your workout BFFs become your cheerleaders and your accountability partners.”   

“Jazzercise is all about community!” Tani said. “Whether you walk into your first class solo or with a friend, you're bound to make a connection with someone. That hour of happiness is contagious, and you want to share it with the world. At my studio, it's been incredible to watch the friendships made.”

What’s neat is that Adrienne and Tani’s story isn’t an anomaly. There are thousands of people across the country right now who can attest to the power of friendship when it comes to showing up and staying committed to our health goals. And there’s even data to prove it! 

Here are 5 reasons why working out with a friend is a life-changing decision for you on your health journey.

1. It's more fun

It’s simple: working out together is more fun. Researchers from the University of Southern California found that people who worked out with friends reported feeling happier and in a better mood. 

But we didn’t need the science to tell us that — just ask any of our members! Our fun, fast-paced, and upbeat classes are the perfect environment for besties to blossom. Bond over your favorite playlists, crack inside jokes with your instructors, and make hilarious memories that are guaranteed to come in a dance class environment. 

2. It holds you accountable

We all know it’s true — we don’t like to let our friends down! So, we’re much more likely to attend class if someone is there waiting for us. When you’re trying to set health goals and stick to them, a buddy can be the key factor to staying consistent. 

In fact, one study showed that a whopping 95% of participants who started a weight loss program with a friend completed their chosen programs, compared with only 76% completion for those who started alone. 

3. You broaden your horizons

Friends push us outside of our comfort zones — in a good way! You’re more likely to try new things if you’re with a friend than by yourself. Showing up in a group, or even a pair, is such a confidence boost that it empowers us to try new classes, routines, and locations. 

4. Motivation soars

Exercising with a friend can ignite a healthy sense of competition, motivation, and excitement in your health and fitness journey. Working out next to a buddy can naturally help you push harder and hit new goals. This is hardwired in us as humans! In fact, psychologists call this the Kohler Effect, which is our desire to keep up with those who are stronger, faster, or more fit than ourselves. 

For example, one study found that having participants complete plank challenges in a group setting caused them to increase their plank times by 24%. In another similar study, researchers found that participants working out next to someone they perceived as better than them, caused an increase in their intensity by 200%! 

5. You stick with it longer

Friends help us go the distance. It’s a lot easier to taper off and eventually quit a workout routine when we’re only showing up for ourselves. The motivation, accountability, and camaraderie of exercising with a friend is an awesome way to stick with your commitment longer. Some members of our community have been motivating and pushing each other for years! 

The truth is, we’re hardwired to be social. Most of us thrive when we’re in an exercise setting that’s both social, encouraging, and challenging. Our challenge to you? Reach out to a health-minded friend today and start an exercise habit together! You won’t regret it. 


Very encouragement .I am going to try it .
10/20/2023 4:46:29 PM

Mary Brennan
Im interested in trying a vlass.
10/19/2023 7:50:35 PM

Luckily, I’ve never needed anyone to encourage me to dance, whether in my 50 years in ballet classes and teaching, or in Jazzercise. Im totally committed to working my own body and do not depend on others to motivate me.
10/9/2023 8:49:14 PM

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