September 2023

Beginner's Guide to Dance Fitness Classes

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Beginner's Guide to Dance Fitness Classes

If you are considering dance fitness classes, we have three little words for you: Go for it! There are so many reasons to dance for exercise. Dancing can help you burn calories, build stronger muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness, and even boost your mental health. Plus—we’ve got to be honest—dance workouts are a total blast.

Of course, we understand that getting started with dance cardio can feel intimidating at first. If you are new to dance fitness, you may be wondering which classes to sign up for, what you should bring with you, and what to expect when you arrive. Don't worry—we've totally got you covered in our beginner’s guide to dance fitness classes below. Let's jump in!

In this helpful guide, we discuss the many benefits of dance fitness, along with your options for dance cardio workout classes. We also provide pro tips to ensure a smooth transition into the world of dance exercise. To learn more about how dance can help you reach your fitness goals, feel free to contact us at Jazzercise! 

Benefits of Dance Fitness

Let’s get started with the many benefits of dance workouts! First, dance workout classes are widely available at gyms, dance studios, recreation centers, and even online. That means you shouldn’t have a problem finding classes near you! Additionally, dance cardio workouts don’t require any special equipment other than comfortable clothes and athletic shoes. This makes it a breeze to just show up and get your sweat on!

Dance fitness provides a range of amazing physical health benefits. Most impressively, it burns a MAJOR amount of calories in a limited amount of time...all while feeling like you're at the most epic dance party! Dance workouts also build muscle, boost endurance, and improve flexibility. Your coordination and posture can also improve from dancing. As far as mental health goes, you’ll quickly discover that dance workouts release endorphins, also known as happy hormones! The more you release endorphins, the more confidence and joy you'll feel. Need a place to express yourself? Look no further than the dance floor! 

The best part? Dance cardio classes transform your workout from something you dread on your to-do list to something you look forward to. You go to have fun with your sweat squad—the fact that your exercising is just the cherry on top! 

Types of Dance Workouts

There are many types of dance workout classes available—from classical ballet and barre workouts to hip hop, jazz, and more. At Jazzercise, we combine easy-to-follow choreography, hit music, and a one-of-a-kind community to create a high-energy, body-rocking sweat sesh. We blend cardio exercises, strength training, pilates, hip-hop, yoga, and kickboxing to give you a workout you'll love!

Our classes and dance party playlists are always being updated, making our program timeless. This is why we’ve been a leader in the fitness industry for over 50 years! Whether you want to dance for health goals or just need to shake it, dance workouts are the perfect solution!

Looking for something more low impact? We've got you! We offer low-impact formats, as well as classes that combine low and high-impact movements. Low-impact classes are a great option for beginners, people returning from a fitness break, or those recovering from physical injuries. 

Our class formats include:
• Cardio Sculpt: This high-intensity, dance cardio workout includes segments of strength training and stretching. 
• Cardio: Experience 30 minutes of high-intensity dance cardio. 
•Power Sculpt: Our HIIT class features a high-energy dance workout with intervals of targeted strength work. 
• Sculpt: This strength training class involves squats, push-ups, and planks for total-body wellness.
• Stretch: Restores flexibility and relieves soreness with dynamic and static stretches.
• Cardio Sculpt (low-impact): High-impact movements are replaced with muscle-focused alternatives to protect your joints. 
•Power Sculpt (low-impact): High-impact movements are replaced with muscle-focused alternatives to protect your joints in this HIIT class. 
• LO: Our low-impact cardio dance workout gets your heart rate up without a hop, skip, or jump.

No matter which class you sign up for, you WILL sweat, strengthen, and smile—trust us!

Dance Fitness for Health Goals

For anyone who wants to dance their way toward their health goals, our dance cardio classes are definitely the way to go. The high-energy nature of our signature dance workouts plus intervals of strength training will increase your heart rate, sculpt lean muscle, and burn hundreds of calories while you have a blast!

To figure out what health goals are right for you, talk to your doctor and your local Jazzercise FitPro about any physical conditions and what results you'd like to get from dance cardio workouts.

Tips for Beginners

We can’t wait to get you started with dance workout classes. For the best dance workout experience, try researching available classes beforehand. Many dance workouts, including all of our classes, accommodate beginners. That said, keep in mind that it may take some time to get familiar with the movements. But don’t worry, we’ve been there—and so have your fellow classmates! With a little consistency, you'll become a dance floor MVP in no time!

Some people opt for virtual classes until they get their footing, while others find that On Demand classes work best for their schedule in between in-studio classes.

Once you’ve decided which dance cardio workout to try, it's time to pick your workout-fit! You can find FitPro-approved tops, buttery soft leggings, and limited edition pieces at Jazzercise Apparel

Also, you’ll want to bring a bottle of water and towel to class. We recommend arriving early to talk to your instructor and classmates. When your instructor knows it’s your first class, they'll ensure you get the most from your workout!

Consider bringing along an accountability buddy for extra support. A great way to explore what you like is by trying different dance workout classes until you find your favorite. Start with one to two classes per week and build up over time. Don’t forget to listen to your body before, during, and after class. While dance exercises should challenge your body, they should never be painful. If you experience pain during a workout, stop and seek assistance.

Before starting any new exercise routine, it’s always a great idea to check in with your doctor. Be sure to discuss any physical conditions and past injuries that might limit your participation in dance fitness. Once you’re cleared, our FitPros are happy to offer special modifications and adjustments so that you get a safe, effective workout.

Dance Workout Classes

Studies show (and we totally believe) that you're more likely to achieve your fitness goals if you love your workout. Dance exercise is a phenomenal way to burn calories, build strength, improve flexibility, and boost your mental health—all while making new friends and seeing major results.

So, you in?! Learn more at


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