May 2023

Should you take a Dance Fitness Class?

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Should you take a Dance Fitness Class?

Whether you're currently taking dance fitness classes, or have been thinking about it, there are countless reasons to try this fun and effective workout! With physical and mental health benefits, it’s easy to see why so many people find “their thing” with dance fitness.  All it takes is that first step to head to class, and you’ll be rocking that look-good-feel-great glow in no time! But if you're unsure about trying dance fitness classes, we have this handy infographic to help guide you in the right direction:


Want more from Jazzercise? Find a location near you and start dancing with us today, or dance with us anytime, anywhere on demand.     


Deb Jensen
I'm interested in on line classes,if you have a free trial still available
6/21/2023 10:29:24 AM

Elyn Guy
I would really love to join a class . Thank you
6/20/2023 6:46:33 PM

Susan Fletcher
I was a member for quite some time in Issaquah. I had to stop because I had back surgery. I feel like I’m ready to come back and would like to try it out.
6/17/2023 8:02:03 PM

Manji Alderman
Can you tell me what days and times are your dance fitness classes?
6/17/2023 1:33:26 PM

Joanne Thomiszer
Do you have any classes near Cornelius North Carolina , Concord North Carolina is a little too far for me. I used to go to Jazzercise classes in 1976 in California near Carlsbad where it all started and 1983 in the state of Washington ,
6/17/2023 3:57:36 AM

Cindy Rickert
I would love to, but it’s too expensive for me.
6/16/2023 12:03:51 PM

I'm interested
6/16/2023 11:44:01 AM

Doris Frasier
I'm 78 and have been sedentary for 2 years d/t loss of my husband. Can I start out easy and work up to a normal workout?
6/16/2023 4:20:08 AM

mary susan watkins
6/16/2023 4:17:37 AM

Sharon Walton
Interested. Please send me info for new menbers!
6/16/2023 1:15:37 AM

Karen CavanaGH
I attended Jazzercise classes for many year and it was the best fitness method for me. I would love to do some of the old songs and routines at home. Is there any way to access those? (70's, 80's, 90's)
6/15/2023 10:28:58 PM

6/15/2023 7:47:08 PM

Linda Bris oe
I am 73 and fit for my age, but want to get more
active and fitter. Could I come to one of your classes and see if it for me?. may thanks Linda Briscoe.
6/15/2023 7:13:41 PM

Mary Short-Scoggins
Yes to all the questions
6/15/2023 7:04:51 PM

Gina S.
How can I find out if my area offers dance fitness classes? My zip code is 77802 and Jazzercise fitness is offered in my community. Thank you.
6/15/2023 5:27:16 PM

Sandra Kahn
classes 33414 or 33449
6/15/2023 4:32:41 PM

Are there any locations in South Texas- The Rio Grande Valley-McAllen, Texas Area?
6/15/2023 4:08:58 PM

Sandra Aultman
Love to dance always did but over the years with the loss of my husband two children and six grandchildren I haven been active at the ripe age of sixty five but I still try to keep healthy and take care of myself as well as my body
6/15/2023 3:45:21 PM

Margaret Anderson
Can you email locations
6/15/2023 3:43:48 PM

Regina M Tirella
Is this online. Need more info. Thx
6/15/2023 3:27:04 PM

Linda Wright
Is it expensive?
6/15/2023 3:25:25 PM

Kay craig
Looking for a senior citizen class
6/15/2023 3:21:36 PM

shelia stephens
looking for strengthening and more mobility
6/15/2023 3:11:12 PM

Where are you located. I live in Nazareth Pa
6/15/2023 3:08:10 PM

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