June 2016

Shape Up for Summer

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Shape Up for Summer

If you’ve been keeping up with your exercise and workout routines since New Year’s, congrats to you and keep going… you are summer fit prepared! But let’s be honest, there is a good percentage of us who have not been consistent with our regular exercising and haven’t set foot into the gym since hmm about March-ish?

Well it’s time to get working! Fun in the sun doesn’t end poolside with some cocktails, my friends. For those of us who aren’t quite beach bikini body ready yet, here are some tips to keep in mind while you shape up for the summer:

Get in shape for summer
  • Keep it consistent: One of the biggest mistakes people tend to commit when working on their fitness is a lack of consistency with their workouts. There is a tendency to begin a new workout routine with lots of energy and the best intentions, but that enthusiasm seems to fade shortly after. Don’t let that happen! It’s a journey, not a race to achieve optimal fitness, so instill healthy habits to continue a consistent routine 3-5 times a week.
  • Irregular diet is a no-no: What you put into your body effects the way your body functions and looks. To show results, you have to be consistent with your eating habits as well. Make sure you’re putting in enough calories you need to gain as much as you can from your workouts, and keep a balanced diet. Eat good proteins, complex carbs, and simple fats. Remember to space out your meals so you’re eating 3-4 times a day.
  • Get enough sleep: When working out, your body needs time to recharge and recover. It’s easy to neglect good rest, but lack of sleep can mean that your muscles won’t have the opportunity to build properly. So don’t forget to get your snooze on… you’ll feel and look better too!
  • Stay hydrated: Like a well-oiled engine, your muscles and joints need water to stay mobile, flexible, and aid in the repair process. Make sure that before, during, and after your workouts you’re getting plenty of water and electrolytes to supply your body’s needs.
  • Mix it up: Variety and diversity in your workout routines allows you to keep it exciting so you’re not falling into the same grind each day. Try different types of classes, get outside and change up the scenery… variation is good for you!

Get energized with Jazzercise

If you’re looking for some guidance on what type of workouts you should be doing, one of the most effective styles of working out is full-body High Intensity Interval Training. What HiiT does is focuses on short bursts of highly energetic exercise, resistance training, and short recovery periods so your body continues to work even after you’ve ended your workout. Try our Interval, Fusion, or Flip Fusion classes that incorporate a HiiT style of exercise if you want to see what we mean. But really, the best advice for successfully working out is to do something you enjoy doing. Because the more you enjoy doing your workouts and exercises, the more you’ll practice the tips above to get you shaped up!

And with that said, we at Jazzercise, Inc. LOVE to dance! Here is a video to prove it:

Lynn Graham
Get up, get changed and move, that's my mantra when I am not feeling motivated to exercise. This gets you over the blocks. From there on I am focused on getting to the good feeling that comes after a good workout. This is the important dopamine rush.
7/6/2016 5:58:15 PM

Becky Buddenbohm
I love Jazzercise!! It has changed my life!!
6/22/2016 5:54:06 AM

Ginny Anderson
We really need a class in Burleson, Texas, United States
6/17/2016 4:36:04 PM

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