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Sole Matters – Find Your Best Workout Sneakers

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Sole Matters – Find Your Best Workout Sneakers

Best Workout Shoes

(CARLSBAD, CA) – Finding the right pair of workout sneakers can often seem like a daunting task. An average shoe store has dozens of styles and designs. And buying the wrong pair can be a costly mistake – not only for your wallet, but also for your precious feet.
Jazzercise Founder and CEO Judi Sheppard Missett knows the importance of finding just the right workout shoe. As a leader in the fitness industry for more than 40 years, Missett gives these five rules for selecting a pair of tennis shoes that will fit your needs.

1. Shop later in the day. Your feet tend to swell when you exercise. So, it is best to try on shoes when your foot size is at its largest point. Since your feet naturally swell throughout any given day, your afternoon shoe size is typically about one-half size larger than your morning shoe size. Shop for your tennies in the afternoon, and you’ll more likely find a good fit.

2. Know what to look for. First, check the fit across the front of your shoe. Avoid sneaker styles or sizes that cram your toes. In fact, your longest toe should be about one-thumb width away from the tip of the shoe. You also want to make sure that you can wiggle your toes around. Then, check that your heel doesn’t slide or slip-out of the back of the shoe. Lastly, be sure that your foot doesn’t slide off the inner or outside edge.

3. Learn the lingo. There are three major support components of a shoe. The insole is a foam insert located inside the shoe. It conforms to the shape of your foot and can be removed to make room for custom-designed inserts. Meanwhile, the midsole is the foam layer that offers cushion and support for your arch. And lastly, the outsole is the rubber tread of your sneakers. Different outsoles have varying types of traction, making them best-suited for indoor or outdoor workouts.

4. Test them out. Before you leave the store, make sure that you test the shoes out to find the best workout sneakers they have. That doesn’t mean just walking around in them. You need to perform a few exercises, to see how they feel.

5. Remember that you know best. The friendly salesperson may have a lot of knowledge about shoe design, style, and comfort. But, he/she doesn’t know your workout or how your foot feels in a shoe. So, if a pair doesn’t fit quite right, don’t let anyone talk you into making a purchase because the sneakers “should” be a perfect fit. Go ahead and take your time shopping around. Compare the fit and the feel of various types of workout sneakers, and select the pair that meets your individual needs.

Jazzercise, created by Judi Sheppard Missett, is the world's leading dance-fitness program with more than 7,500 instructors teaching 32,000 classes weekly in the U.S. and around the globe. Since 1969, millions of people of all ages and fitness levels have reaped the benefits of this comprehensive program, designed to enhance cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. For more information on Jazzercise go to or call (800)FIT-IS-IT or (760)476-1750.

Diane Evans
What about archives for the 80s? Those were the days. GREAT MUSIC. FUN, FUN, FUN.
1/16/2024 10:19:44 PM

Renee Whitaker
It has become increasingly more difficult to find workout shoes that are best for lateral movement, which is a common move in Jazzercise, The information given on your website about shoes does not address this concern.
Also, what type of sole is best? When doing Zumba, it is important to have a sole that does not grip the floor surface as so many of the moves require pivoting. What does Jazzercise recommend?
Please advise. Thank you.
6/8/2016 5:14:44 PM

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