7 Tips To Help You Stick To Your At-Home Workout Routine

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7 Tips To Help You Stick To Your At-Home Workout Routine

There’s no denying the convenience of working out at home. Throw on your clothes and then walk to your garage or workout space to knock out a sweat session without ever leaving your house? Talk about an efficient use of time! Plus, working out at home is an excellent way to boost in-class results by helping you maintain strength and keep your body prepped in between in-class workouts.

But, when it comes to home workouts, some people report that they often see their equipment start to gather dust week after week. 

Sound familiar?

If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with sticking to their workout routines. In fact, one study found that up to 73% of people who set workout resolutions end up quitting before they hit their target. 

But it is SO worth fighting to find your perfect workout routine that helps you stick to it. The benefits of exercise are PLENTIFUL and so impactful: increased energy, lowered risk of depression, lowered risk of life-threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, and improved sleep, just to name a few. 

So, we compiled some simple tips and tricks to help you stick to your home fitness routine. Apply a few of these to your daily approach and we’re sure you’ll find it easier to stick to your exercise plan! 

  1. The early bird gets the worm: Waiting to exercise until later in the day is a risky choice. There’s no way to know what can come up throughout the day to deter you from pressing play on your workout, or simply lose motivation as your energy wanes. Our tried and true tactic for avoiding the excuses? Wake up and workout! This will help to cultivate a consistency to your workout routine and bonus! You’ll have more energy to kill it throughout the rest of your day. Plus, research has shown that morning workouts can help you burn more fat, get better sleep, and have more energy throughout the rest of your day. 
  2. Add it to your calendar and enable notifications: That’s right, even for a home workout! Studies show that receiving alerts, texts, or notifications reminding you to workout help us to, well, work out! That’s why so many gyms use these reminder systems as a way to motivate their clientele. But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use the same concept for home workouts. Treat your home workout plan like it’s an appointment you can’t miss, and you’ll be less likely to miss it! 
  3. Feeling Fresh: Let’s be real, what better way to motivate yourself to break a sweat than a new outfit?! When we’ve got a fresh pair of yoga pants and a new workout tank waiting for us to get our sweat on, we’re suddenly much more motivated to get back to it. So go ahead—treat yourself! Check out what's in store for you at Jazzercise Apparel here
  4. Grab a Partner: It’s a cliché because it’s true. Finding your sweat sesh sidekick can be a real game changer in terms of staying motivated and sticking to a regular workout routine. Whether it’s your spouse, child, a friend or heck, maybe even your dog, having someone who can keep you accountable is the key. Plus, fitness is just more fun with friends and family! 
  5. The Power of the Playlist: Do not underestimate the power of the perfect playlist! Curating the perfect playlist can actually make you look forward to your next workout instead of dreading it. You know those songs that make you feel all the feels? Add those to your fitness playlist and you’ll be amazed at how much it can motivate you! In fact, research even shows that music can help you increase your exertion without even realizing it. If you need some inspo, new Jazzercise collection playlists drop each month here.
  6. Track Your Progress: You know that intense feeling of satisfaction you get from crossing something off of your to-do list? (Best. Feeling. Ever.) Well, you’ll get that same stellar feeling by tracking your fitness progress! Keep a log of your daily activity and write down every workout you complete.
  7. Set realistic goals: This one is key to the mental battle of sticking with an exercise routine for the long haul. To go from not working out at all, to hoping to workout six days a week, might be setting yourself up for failure. Instead, set realistic goals for your current season, and then get an immense boost of pride as you hit those goals. Aim to workout three days a week, or hold a plank for 20 seconds, or stretch for just five minutes after your home workout. Then, increase your goals incrementally as you settle into your new, amazing home workout habit! 

Hopefully these tips help you to stick to your home workout routine more consistently. Choosing to stay active throughout your life is truly a gift and a seriously awesome way to show yourself love. We applaud you and are here for you every step of the way.

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