November 2019

5 Secrets for Staying Fit During the Holidays

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5 Secrets for Staying Fit During the Holidays

The Black Friday commercials have started, the sky is flurrying and the cocktails are flowing! The holiday season is here. Your calendar is about to get jam-packed with potlucks, parties and holiday recitals. Somewhere in that busy schedule you’ve got to bake the cookies, buy the presents, do all the things and OMG...what are you going to wear to all of these events?! Girl, you know we’ve got your back!

The next two months are about to get BU-SY, but we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you stay on track with your workouts and navigate all of those holiday treats. Here are five tips to staying fit during the holidays.

1. Set realistic goals and stick to them
We get it...your calendar is full and getting in more than a few workouts this week isn’t going to happen. That just means the workouts you are able to squeeze in are that much more important. Put them on your schedule and stick to them. Prep for them like it’s an important meeting (i.e., eat a healthy snack beforehand, get enough rest the night before and be on time). Setting yourself up for success with an exercise plan and getting in a few sweat seshes per week is SO much better than zero.

2. Use the time you’ve got
Squeezing in a quick 15-minute workout here and there is much better than skipping a day altogether. According to Women’s Health, a 15-minute workout can lower your risk of certain diseases and can even add years to your life. If you’ve got a few minutes, go for a run or do a quick 15-minute workout with us! 

3. Eat before you go to the party
Maintaining a healthy diet is so important when life becomes busy or stressful. Eating three solid meals per day is a good way to make sure you feel full before attending a late night party (meal prepping will help ensure you have healthy meals that are easy to grab and go!). Eating a small snack before attending a party or event is also an easy way to avoid overeating all that not-so-healthy food. 

4. Indulge, but in moderation
Figuring out how to exercise during the holidays is hard enough, but add in a holiday diet of champagne and cookies and it gets a little more complicated. We totally get this is the time of year to indulge and we’re all for it! Go ahead—eat the cookie, drink the wine, but do so in moderation.

5. Remember how good you’ll feel
Not only will you feel better after working out and eating healthy, but you’ll also feel better when the holidays are over as a whole. We all know that post-holiday feeling when we haven’t hit the gym in awhile and overindulged over the last six or more weeks. Sticking to your workout plan and being mindful of what you’re eating will help avoid that post-holiday gloom, plus you’ll already be ahead on your New Year’s goals!

What’s your tip for staying fit through the holidays? Do you have a favorite holiday workout? Tell us below!

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