June 2015

New Heart-Pumping HIIT Workouts: Interval Classes from Jazzercise

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New Heart-Pumping HIIT Workouts: Interval Classes from Jazzercise

New Heart-Pumping HIIT Workouts: Interval Classes from Jazzercise
Jazzercise is taking your next workout to a new level with two new high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts - Interval Dance Mixx and Interval Fusion. The two new programs will help blast away fat, tone muscles, and create heart-pounding workouts like no other class can. Both Interval classes integrate intense cardio workouts with strength training movements to give you the highest level of calorie burn possible.

What You Can Expect from Jazzercise HIIT Workouts
Interval Dance Mixx and Interval Fusion will give even the most experienced Jazzercise Krew an incredible workout. These high intensity interval workouts are designed to be more than just cardio. The combination of cardio and strength movements helps to power up your metabolism so you can burn more calories in less time. 

The Interval classes work to build stout core muscles that can give you the body you desire for the summer months ahead. These total body workouts ramp up your ability to burn fat during interval training. You'll move from one activity to the next in a rapid pace to ensure your heart keeps moving while your body continues to tone. 
Interval Dance Mixx focuses on adding cardio bursts to workouts. Interval Fusion workouts alternate between intense levels of cardio activities and muscle work. This combination helps boost the metabolism while also creating a sustained calorie burn. As a result, you'll burn calories throughout your workout and even after you've wiped the sweat away!

Getting Into Jazzercise
Jazzercise workouts of all types are both intense and fun. The goal of these hip-swiveling dance-style workouts is to give individuals a high-energy workout that really pushes the body - while still making the process enjoyable. This isn't the type of workout where you spend 20 minutes on a stationary bike. You'll have fun and burn up to 800 calories in just one hour-long workout session.
Jazzercise offers a number of unique dance-focused programs to keep it interesting and dynamic. This includes popular classes like Strike, Core, Strength, Dance Mixx, and Fusion. Interval Dance Mixx and Interval Fusion offer another layer of intense fun that helps you to burn fat and get fit.

The programs offer a mix of workouts to create the right combination of intense burn, heart-pounding cardio, and muscle toning. You can expect to find dance-based programs that offer components of yoga, Pilates, resistance training, cardio workouts, kickboxing, core strengthening, exercise-based intense dancing and more.

New Moves, New Beats, New Classes
Jazzercise Founder and CEO Judi Sheppard Missett offers some insight into what makes the two new HIIT workouts such an incredible opportunity for both new members and seasoned pros. “We are constantly mixing in new moves, new beats and new classes to keep customers challenged and breaking through plateaus. People who try our workouts for the first time are often surprised at how intense they are. Our new Interval Dance Mixx and Interval Fusion classes supercharge that intensity to maximize results.”

Individuals who are ready for a new challenge and who want to try out some new workout beats will find both of these high intensity interval training workouts available at any Jazzercise location.

Maximize the calorie burn, strengthen that core for tight, trim abs, and boost your metabolism to ensure long term (even hours later) fat burning power. There's no doubt Interval Dance Mixx and Interval Fusion will test your limits, and that is exactly what you need to get the results and body you desire.

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Christine Stone
St. Charles, IL - love the interval classes. I work long hours, and getting to class is a real gift. It's great to feel like every minute was worth the drive. Also appreciate the new, harder choreography - keep it up, it's great to feel muscles be sore the next day - helps me know I am making progress. Great ways to keep my interest in Jazz after years of coming. :) appreciate it all, keep it coming!
6/8/2015 7:31:18 PM

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