October 2015

Making A Difference with Jazzercise

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Making A Difference with Jazzercise

Saturday is National Make a Difference Day, and in honor of it, we’d like to highlight two extremely influential women in our Krew who are making a difference through the power of…that’s right, none other than Jazzercise!

Several times a week, friends and cohorts Angela Siciliano and Patty McGuire from Cuyahoga County, Ohio use Jazzercise music and moves to reach the developmentally disabled through an adapted Jazzercise program.

Both women have a long-standing passion for not only Jazzercise but also the developmentally disabled community, and have gained tremendous insight and influence in the field, whether through personal or professional experience.

However, noticing the lack of exercise programs available for the disabled population was disheartening.

“Think about it, you never really see a developmentally disabled person at your gym or in your own classes,” said Angela

“It was really just about filling a need. Exercise is so important for everyone, regardless of their skill level,” added Patty.

Deciding to combine passions and forces, Angela and Patty launched an adapted Jazzercise program that invites people of all ages and ability ranges to come participate.

Jazzercise community

From improving coordination and strengthening muscle tone to increasing the ability to follow directions and fostering friendships, these women have successfully provided a safe exercise haven for an entire population where there once was none.

They have also borne personal witness to incredible strides in their students.

“One student just stood in the back of the class for years, then one day, entirely unprompted, ran to the front of the room and started following along,” said Angela.

In terms of the future, both women intend to continue full steam ahead with classes and advocating for the community. Angela would love to open a center focused exclusively on adapted Jazzercise.

The fact that Jazzercise class is a reward for students doing well in their other programs is a tremendous testament to how successful the effort already is.

Thank you for making a difference every day, Patty and Angela! Keep up the amazing work!


Jazzercise instructors

Our Krew is out making a difference in peoples’ lives everyday—that’s just what we do. Leave us a comment telling us about how you’re making a difference in your community, and maybe we’ll feature your efforts in a future blog!


Deb Leigh
This is very inspiring!! Thank you, Ohio women advocates!!
11/18/2015 12:06:40 AM

This is a terrific cause! I have a mentally challenged adult son who would love to be a part of a Jazzercise class of his peers. This is a true mix of social interaction with exercise - isn't that what we come for, too??
11/12/2015 9:24:42 AM

Good work girls! Great to see your work acknowledged and highlighted. I have been teaching adapted Jazzercise for many years and have also seen how much Jazzercise helps the physically and mentally challenged, both physically and mentally! For many that I see, it's their only form of exercise and they love it! Keep up the good work!
11/8/2015 4:58:05 PM

This is amazing work Patty and Angela! Excited to see this happening and hope it can continue to serve for a long time!
10/27/2015 7:17:09 AM

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