June 2014

A Heart Pumping Playlist to Help You Power Through Your Workout

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A Heart Pumping Playlist to Help You Power Through Your Workout

Is music in our DNA? Why does a catchy tune seem to instantly incite finger tapping, head bobbing, and body movements, no matter the listener? There may actually be some science behind humanity's preference for specific types of music, especially when paired with exercise.
Many psychologists have found that people have a preference for music that contains rhythms at a frequency of two Hertz. This is equivalent to 120 beats per minute—or two beats every second. Interestingly, an analysis of more than 74,000 songs that were released between 1960 and 1990 uncovered that 120 beats per minute was the most common rhythm pulse.
If you're looking to increase the fun factor of your workout, consider the following songs. You'll find that their energetic beats and pulse-raising rhythms will have you pushing yourself just a little harder - and having more fun in the process!

  • Roar - Katy Perry: Maybe it isn't exactly a hard-driving, drumbeat explosion of a song, but it does offer up an ever-increasing message of confidence and self-reliance. Plus, it repeatedly delivers a pulse-quickening chorus that combines a thundering bass line with Perry's primal roar—purrrfect to power you up that next hill or to push you to finish the last three minutes of a challenging workout.

  • Timber - Pitbull and Kesha: Kesha is not for everyone. Antics and stage persona aside, this song is designed to up your energy level and keep you powering through your workout. If your energy is lagging a bit short of the finish line, this song can be your ally.

  • On Top of The World - Imagine Dragons: These guys are simply genius at blurring the line between rock group, rap act, spiritual peddlers, and rhythm generators. Their single "On Top of The World" offers a quick beat and a catchy, uplifting chorus.  The verses are deliberately paced to allow you to cool down a bit, but the chorus will kick you into high gear.
  • Holy Grail - Jay Z: This song is perfect to listen to as you warm up or begin a run. It starts slowly, then builds, and builds and builds until it picks up and increases the intensity level to a moderate high. Jay Z and Justin Timberlake literally ask you to "get running" in this near-perfect workout tune.
  • Pompeii - Bastille: If you're looking for some alternative rock in your playlist, don't overlook these Brits. They are a relatively new phenomenon in the States, but they’ve been big across the pond for quite some time. "Pompeii" offers a funky beat and a high-energy tone that will get you up and moving in no time.

Add these six songs to your workout for approximately 25 minutes of heart-pumping, uplifting, and energizing music that will keep you focused on getting healthy and working your body. Remember you can also get inspiration from the latest Jazzercise class playlist, too!  

What’s your favorite workout song? Comment and share below.

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