May 2023

Jamie Dumont Transformation Story

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Jamie Dumont Transformation Story

Making, achieving, and sustaining fitness goals is HARD work. But what happens when your workout adds joy to your life between those sweat sessions?

Meet Jamie Dumont, a Jazzercise customer who transformed her life when she discovered the power of dance fitness and strength training in a judgment-free space. We reached out to Jamie to learn more about her fitness journey and quickly learned that what made her story so inspiring (aside from the impressive results) was how quickly she realized Jazzercise worked for her—and how relatable that feeling is for anyone who steps onto the dance floor!

Tell us about your experience before and leading up to Jazzercise

The combination of working from home and the pandemic slowly diminished the small amount of activity I was getting, and I found myself 35 pounds heavier. I knew I needed to take action, so I started paying more attention to nutrition and walking more. Despite these adjustments, I felt like I was doing the right things with no results, and I was getting frustrated.

My job moved into an office in Mount Pleasant, SC. One day, I noticed a sign for Jazzercise in the parking lot. In June, after several months of feeling hopeless about my progress, I went to Jazzercise to learn more. Becki and Carol welcomed me brightly and answered all my questions about the program and if dance fitness was right for me. After talking to them, I decided to give give Jazzercise a try. It was one of the best things I have done in a long time.

What was your reaction after your first class?

Surprise! I was surprised that it was an effective full-body workout. Surprised that it was so fun that the hour flew by. Surprised at how welcoming everyone was. Lastly, I was surprised that there were so many modification options! I felt I could come to class without feeling self-conscious.

What was your “aha” moment when you realized you could stick to Jazzercise?

The biggest problem with my prior fitness routine was that I got bored working out at home and felt too self-conscious in a group fitness environment. When I stepped into class, I quickly realized no one was there to judge anyone else. Everyone was in class to have a great time and be active. It was the first time I felt comfortable in a group fitness class. On top of that, I was getting great exercise. It’s not only great aerobic work but powerful strength training as well. After realizing it was something I could commit to, the weight loss started and my body toned up. Also, the Mt. Pleasant Jazzercise community is so friendly and welcoming! They keep me coming back. 

What have your friends and family thought about your transformation?

Friends and family always comment on how toned I am, and I tell them that Jazzercise has been instrumental. It’s an effective workout for both your body and mind, it's fun, and the results keep you motivated. I loved the classes so much that I brought my daughter to a class. She felt the same and joined, too!

Where are you at now?

I have been attending Jazzercise for about 9 months now. I lost 35 pounds and reached my goal weight in November 2022. I am enjoying the classes so much that I now go 5-6 times a week and I’ve spread the word to everyone I know!

Do you have a Jazzercise transformation story you’d like to share?  Tell us about it!


Bonnie Sindelar
Agree with everything Jamie said. I started Jazzercise in 1984 and apart from a short break when I got a divorce have been going and loving it since then. I'm convinced it has kept me younger (and looking younger) than my 76 years. I am always so grateful I found Jazzercise so many years ago. It fulfills my need for dance and love of music. It doesn't feel like working out . . . just feels like great fun and great companionship. Thank you Judi for this light bulb moment so many years ago.
8/8/2023 2:10:26 PM

Linda Stonebraker
I am over 65 and I used to go to Jazzercise. I now have Silver Sneakers which allows me to go to all the gyms, do you think you will ever offer Silver Sneakers?
6/16/2023 11:19:50 AM

What are the prices?
6/15/2023 5:50:51 PM

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