October 2018

How to Meet Friends Through Fitness

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How to Meet Friends Through Fitness

One of the best ways to meet new friends is through fitness. Just ask Emily Newlands (above left) and Emily Tyson (above right), long-time Jazzercise instructors and BFFs!

Emily and Emily met in 2010 when Emily N. first became an instructor. And little did she know she was forming a bond with a Jazzercise legacy! Emily T. - whose mother owns the Jazzercise Riverside Fitness Center - started teaching in July 2005, just a few weeks shy of her 19th birthday. Through weddings, baby showers and more, these women have formed a powerful sisterhood. Here’s their advice for meeting friends through fitness.

How to Build Social Connections
To get started, just go to class! “If you aren’t there,” says Emily T., “it’s not going to happen.” Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to others or invite someone out for coffee after a workout. “Also,” Emily T. says, “work out next to people you want to be like, fitness wise.”

The Power of Community
No matter how strong we are inside, friendships help add to your social support system, which has been shown to reduce stress and increase resiliency. If you’re new to an area, a fitness center can help. Just ask Emily N.: “If Jazzercise hadn’t provided such a warm and welcoming environment, maybe I wouldn’t have met friends so easily.” 

Benefits of Working out With Friends
And there are other benefits, too! Like accountability, according to Emily T., who says, “Community creates accountability. When you work out with the same group of people in a friendly environment, it makes you want to go class.” 

You’ll Motivate Each Other
Call it healthy competition, inspiration or motivation, the result is the same: you up your game when you work out with friends. Whether your workout buddy grabbed heavier weights or rocked her workout, you’ll have fun with fitness when you set new, higher goals.

As Emily N. says, “You can’t form healthy relationships if you’re not healthy on the inside, and we all know fitness gives us just as much mental benefit as it does physical. Jazzercise is an hour of pure positivity!”

What are your tips for creating a fitness community?

Love those ladies
10/31/2018 11:44:52 PM

Kelly Newman
These are the exact types of things that lead to our most positive and healthy selves. Great ideas to share and thanks, Emilys!
10/30/2018 4:37:40 PM

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