August 2014

The Music That Moves You

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The Music That Moves You

What makes Jazzercise music move you? Is it the beat, the energy, volume or danceability that fuels your workout? Is it the sexy and steamy storyline of the song? Or is it that you can relate to it in your everyday life? We try to come up with a mixture of songs for class that have all of these qualities and your votes told us we’re on the right path! Here's a look at our top songs playing in class right now based on a poll that we gave our followers on Facebook and Twitter.

The Hottest Song?
Our most voted for song right now is “Let’s Get Ridiculous” by Redfoo. This song is seriously ridiculous and that’s what makes it so fun!  It’s no surprise that the woohoo’s get going when this song starts up. Who can’t get ridiculous with lyrics like this! Check it out…

“Yo, yo, yo, let's go!
I'm laid-back, I'm feelin this, tonight's the night and I just wanna let it go
Hit the play back, I know your feelin this, c'mon baby, let's get ridiculous!
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon baby, let's get ridiculous (oh-ohh-oh!)
Let's get-Crazy, loud, get wild in the crowd. 
Party people! Let's get ridiculous!”

That's Ridiculous!
Ridiculous is a little crazy right? Are you ashamed to say you voted for the guy with a name tag La Freak in white frames with no lenses and an animal print suit? Don’t be! You’re not alone. It was a clear winner coming way out on top! 

More Favorite Songs
What other songs are winning over the crowd right now at Jazzercise? Well coming in second is “Fancy”! If you’re the type that likes to hit it hard, tell the instructor to turn up Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”. This song has lots of bass, high energy and straight up danceability! It’s easy to get the booty pushes going during this one!  We all have a little hip hop in us! No matter what age you are or genre of music you usually tune into, this song definitely gets everyone’s arms pumping and booty shakin’ like no one’s watching! 

The last two favorites from our poll are a cross-section of music that bring out the many shades of Grey in all of us! Yup, we said that. Everyone wants a hot and steamy love story right? Say hello to #3 – “Bailando” by Enrique. C’mon, who isn’t dreaming about doing the Cha Cha or Mambo with Enrique during this song? Lastly, we’re showing you some love with who came in fourth! We want to “be your light, your match, your burning sun”. Wink wink! If you like those lyrics, we’ve got you covered…they are from “Love Runs Out” by One Republic. 

We hope you are enjoying our current music selections. Click here to see the full list of songs that we are currently playing. Feel free to make music suggestions for consideration to be used in class on our Facebook page or on Twitter at any time.

Stay ridiculous, party people! We love it.


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