December 2022

5 Tips to Help You Actually Stick To Your New Years Goals

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5 Tips to Help You Actually Stick To Your New Years Goals

Have you ever looked at the calendar and felt a little bit of dread when you saw January 1st approaching? “Oh no…not this again. If I have to make and break another resolution, I’m gonna lose it!” The feelings of unease are warranted, a study by researchers at the University of Scranton found that 23% of people quit working on their resolution just two weeks into the new year. And by the end of it, only 19% of people stuck to their goals long-term.

So, how can you make the switch from goal abandoner to goal achiever? We got you! Here are 5 helpful tips from our very own Jazzercise FitPros that can help you stick to your New Year goals this year. 

Reposition Your Thoughts

First and foremost, get your mindset right! Instead of cringing at the idea of making lifestyle changes, think of the new year as an opportunity to celebrate new beginnings and recommit to your wellness. It doesn’t have to mean rigid schedules and boring workouts…especially at Jazzercise!

Another key mindset hack is to know when you get into negative thought patterns — like comparing your journey to others or judging your own progress — and pull yourself out of it like a true bestie would. 

“It's great to look up to your friends and be proud of their accomplishments, but when it comes to your health and wellness, the only person you should compare yourself to is YOU”, says FitPro Emily Newlands. “If you are setting small goals and making healthy habits something you enjoy, results will inevitably follow.”

Start Small & Specific

The most common New Year's goals are "I want to get healthier," or "I want to be happier." While those are great final outcomes, vague goals will only make you feel lost and uninspired. “Looking at your goal in one piece, especially if it’s BIG, can trip people up”, shares FitPro Toni Pitruzzello. “Breaking your goal into smaller pieces makes it more manageable.” 

Setting small and specific goals is key! Achievable actions like sticking to 3 workouts a week, drinking 1 extra cup of water per day, or setting out your workout clothes the night before are all things you can commit to today, without feeling totally overwhelmed.

Emily goes on to share her wisdom when it comes to goal setting, “Setting unrealistic expectations is like trying to jump onto a roof from the ground. You’ll never get there! Instead, set smaller goals like rungs on a ladder and give yourself time to work your way up.”

Plan for Obstacles

There will be many temptations and detours on your journey. Sometimes a simple invitation to a girl’s night out turns into too many extra cheesy nachos and a blow to your bank account. And guess what? That’s totally okay! Life happens, and you should enjoy every bit of it. So, instead of beating yourself up about it later, just add these detours to your roadmap beforehand!

“The solution to achieving lasting results is not perfection, but putting the systems in place that you need to be successful. That can be: having an accountability buddy – a workout buddy who counts on you to be there, scheduling your time on your calendar, or weekly menu planning to ensure you’re eating nutrient-dense meals consistently”, says Toni. 

While you’re setting your goals, think about the  obstacles you may encounter while you pursue your goal. Consider how you'll handle these challenges and develop a plan to get back on track. 

Jenn shares, “People tend to put a lot of weight on their New Year resolutions and if an obstacle arises that derails those goals, they tend to give up entirely.  So, I think definitely setting small, attainable goals, like adding a vegetable to every meal or drinking enough water or hitting 3 Jazzercise classes a week. And life happens! So if you don’t meet those goals, give yourself grace and forgiveness and move on and try again tomorrow!” 

Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress is a major key towards creating lasting change. Otherwise, how do you know if you're on or off target? Here are 4 easy ways to track your progress while you hit those goals.

1. Like we mentioned above, break down the goal into smaller tasks and give yourself deadlines on those tasks. Add those deadlines to your calendar so you see them coming.

2. Monitor daily progress to create accountability. Little accomplishments add up to big accomplishments!

3. Make goal tracking a weekly task. Set aside time at the start and end of each week to check in on your progress. 

4. Using a journal or spreadsheet to track milestones, setbacks and ideas is a great way to visually map out your progress. 

Make It Fun

We all know that when something is fun, we’re more keen on doing it. So, why not add some F-U-N to your F-I-T goals? “Have your goals align with what actually makes you happy!”, exclaims Emily. “If you hate running, you will never be a runner long-term. But if you love spending time with friends, dancing to music, and doing something that makes you super proud of yourself, Jazzercise is a great fit!”  

Another helpful way to boost motivation is setting up an award system for yourself! Or as we like to call it, The Fun Part. Write down your goals and choose a reward for every major accomplishment on the way to getting to your ultimate goal.

At the end of the day, the true goal is to make meaningful changes that will inspire a healthy life. So, don’t forget to give yourself a high-five at the end of every week, because doing something is totally better than doing nothing at all. Cheers to your health and happiness this year, friends!

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MaryGrace Iuso
Went to my first class.
So proud of myself because I was so nervous beforehand.
People are so kind to me.
I was very motivated by the instructor.
I am going to write a spreadsheet because I don’t get enough water in and I love seeing my progress in writing.
I write when I go to a Jazzercise class on my calendar.
Looking forward to a healthier life.
1/16/2023 2:54:29 PM

Sharon Lasher
I try to stay on a regular routine, this read was very helpful
1/12/2023 3:18:50 PM

Sharon Lasher
thank you very helpful
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I’m looking for the stretching workout in a jazzercise location in South Florida
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I started Jazzercising in 1995 and it has changed my life! It's a big part of my life .When we moved from RI to Washington three years ago, I insisted there be a Jazzercise center in the town (West Seattle) we settled on!
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Jo F
Great suggestions
1/2/2023 11:59:15 AM

Carol Pearson
Thank you for all the goods ideas, tips and a workout sheet. You are a very special person and a very caring person. I love your class because it is like dancing. I have seen my high pulse actually become lower as I start Jazzercising.
1/1/2023 7:07:50 PM

Annette Burgart
Love New and Improving with YOU every New Day!!!...speaking of New--I need New Jazzercise shoes and was wondering what Y'all recommend!?! be continued...GO FORTH AND CONQUER...
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