October 2021

10 Essential Items for a Healthy Grocery Shopping List

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10 Essential Items for a Healthy Grocery Shopping List

Pressed for time with NO food in the house? These 10 items can be used in several different ways, so even if you don’t have time to plan every meal, you’ll never feel like you have “nothing to eat.”     

Baby Spinach

The perfect fuss-free salad base, spinach also blends easily into a smoothie, or chop it up for soups, stews, and pastas to sneak in an extra serving of green veggies.               


Apples are a portable, satisfying snack when paired with almond or peanut butter. They also last a long time in the fridge, so you can use them as you want them.                        

Sweet Potatoes

This substantial, satisfying complex carbohydrate has lots of vitamins, minerals, and uses in the kitchen. Cut into rounds for sweet potato “toast,” chop up and roast in the oven for an easy side or base for eggs, or bake whole and stuff with veggies or taco filling.

Seedless Cucumbers (English or Persian)                        

Chop up and pair with hummus or Greek yogurt dip or enjoy them sliced with bagel seasoning as a healthy alternative to chips. They also add a refreshing crunch to salads and bowls.                        


Turkey breast from the deli section is a quick, high-protein option for when you’re on the go. Roll up with hummus, cheese, or mustard for a quick snack, or use in sandwiches and salads for a satisfying meal.            


Eggs are known for their versatility and nutrition. Keep some hard boiled eggs in the fridge for a grab-and-go snack, scramble and put in a tortilla, or fry one up and add some extra protein to a salad or bowl.                  


Hummus is high in protein and a great dip for sliced veggies or whole grain crackers. Get creative and thin with water for a quick salad dressing or pasta sauce!                    

Whole Grain Tortillas

Whole grain (or sprouted) tortillas are a great vehicle for scrambled eggs, turkey, or hummus, but you can also go sweet with peanut butter and apple slices. We like to slice some up, spray with cooking spray, and crisp up in the toaster oven when we’re craving chips or want to add crunch to a taco salad.                    

Peanut or Almond Butter

Besides being a great dip for apple slices, peanut/ almond butter can be blended into salad dressings, used in baked goods, or eaten right off the spoon to hold you over between meals.  

Dark Chocolate Chips

Got cravings? Keep some dark chocolate (over 65% cacao) on hand. Enjoying a small portion of antioxidant-rich chocolate now is much better than feeling deprived and overindulging later! 

Save this PDF for quick access to your new go-to grocery shopping list!


Lola W
Thank you for sharing.
8/11/2023 7:36:50 PM

Lola W
Thank you so much for sharing.
8/11/2023 7:36:04 PM

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