May 2019

Easy Four-Ingredient Protein Pancakes for Mother’s Day

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Easy Four-Ingredient Protein Pancakes for Mother’s Day

It’s one of our favorite Sundays of the year! And this Mother’s Day, instead of recommending the best restaurants to go to or gifts to buy, we came up with a simple act of kindness you can do for your mom, mother figure or yourself. So skip braving the crowds at your city’s hottest brunch locale this year and try making this super easy and delicious, healthy Mother’s Day recipe instead!

These are the best protein pancakes out there (not to mention they take only minutes to make!). They require just FOUR ingredients, but they’ll turn out light and fluffy and are perfect for breakfast in bed. Besides making this healthy recipe, you’ll make happy memories for years to come and totally impress mom with your cooking skills.

Four-Ingredient Protein-Packed Pancakes

• 4 tbsp almond milk
• 4 eggs
• 2 scoops vanilla protein powder
• 2/3 cup dried oats

Servings: 8 small pancakes or 4 large pancakes

• Whisk eggs and almond milk together in a bowl
• Add in oats and protein powder and continue to stir
• Pour on heated skillet in ¼ cup increments (be sure to use non-stick spray first!)

Don’t forget the fixins! If you have a sweet tooth, there’s no better time than Mother’s Day to indulge. Try adding chocolate chips, maple or agave syrup, or even peanut butter for something extra special. Trying to keep it light? Add healthy toppings like strawberries, bananas or even extra oats to add more flavor.

No matter what you do this Sunday, we hope you take a moment to slow it down a bit and celebrate and show love to all the mothers in your life. But most importantly—we hope you celebrate Mother’s Day exactly how, and with whom, you want to.

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year? Tell us below.

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Christine Maurer
Totally making these to bring to class for post mother's day workout treat
5/11/2019 4:21:21 AM

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