May 2016

#MoveToTheGroove With Us This Month – Free Dance Fitness for National Fitness Month!

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#MoveToTheGroove With Us This Month – Free Dance Fitness for National Fitness Month!

President Barack Obama has officially proclaimed May 2016 as National Physical Fitness and Sports Month – woo hoo! Actually, this year marks six decades since President Dwight Eisenhower established the President’s Council on Youth and Fitness (a.k.a. President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition) who partner with the public, private, and non-profit sectors to empower people to lead healthy and active lives. Knowing that and the support for First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative that continues to inspire our youth to eat healthy and get plenty of physical activity, we as Americans get to celebrate the month of May in a positive way. We officially, as a nation from this year forward, observe May as a month of raising awareness and benefits of physical activity!

How does Jazzercise, Inc. celebrate National Fitness Month? Glad you asked! We’re offering FREE dance fitness classes all month long… for everyone! That’s right, you and your friends (#fitkrew) can come as join us in class, as many times you want without any obligation or strings attached. With a variety of classes including Dance Mixx, Fusion, Interval, Core, Strength, Strike, Lo, and our new Flip Fusion you can try them all and find the perfect workout that fits you!

What makes you move?

Movement comes in many forms, and isn’t only physical but also an emotional and mental shift within yourself. It’s true that motion creates emotion, and that’s because when you’re moving you’re stimulating communication between your brain and your muscles as well as engaging the chemical reactions in your body that control your mood and emotions. It can also work in the reverse - emotion can cause motion and movement. It can happen when you’re listening to your new favorite song in your car, when watching an epic dance battle in a movie, or when you’re a bit stressed and overwhelmed at work. You can’t help but act on those emotions, whether it be getting up and dancing or blowing off some steam lifting weights at the gym.

Join us for #MoveToTheGroove!


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Let’s get moving! Promoting good health, wellness, and fitness is not just super important to us here at Jazzercise, Inc. but for people across the nation. The more we share ways we get active, the more we can provide inspiration and motivation to those around us. Become community leaders that encourage good healthy decisions, lead our youth to make those healthy decisions and empower them to stay active. So get up! Grab your friends, neighbors, parents, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, anyone and encourage them to join you in some fun activities! You’ll be doing both yourself and them a favor! While you’re enjoying your favorite activities, or perhaps you’re trying something new this month, take a pic! Record a video! And share that on your social media pages, and help promote the positive message of physical fitness and activity!

See what our krew is doing! Visit our social media pages for some fit-spiration: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and show us how you #MoveToTheGroove!

Click here to find a location near you and get moving to the groove!

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