March 2015

Don’t Let Your Workouts Get Eliminated During March Madness

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Don’t Let Your Workouts Get Eliminated During March Madness

March Madness

Avoid going mad this March by using these tips to stay organized and carve out additional workout time.

Schedule at least 15 unplugged minutes each day. You’ll be surprised by how much you can get done if you’re not texting, on Facebook, watching Netflix, or playing Candy Crush.

Create a custom Safe Food Chart and hang it on your refrigerator. Include what you eat and how many calories there are per serving. For example: 1 teaspoon of olive oil is 40 calories; 1 poached egg is 70 calories; 1/2 cup boiled beans is 115 calories; 1 cup of rotisserie chicken meat is 230 calories. Consider low-calorie fruit and vegetables as freebies. Use your chart to quickly add calories and stay within your goals. The list also makes it easy to accommodate spouses with different calorie requirements.

Save time doing laundry by eliminating the amount of things that need to be washed. Keep two bath towels per person and swap the dirty one for a clean one. The same goes for bed sheets, dishtowels and washcloths. The more options you have, the more you’ll use and the more you’ll have to clean. Try it out on your clothes and only keep what you wear.

Assemble a week’s worth of workout clothes every Sunday. Put them in a gym bag and throw it in your car on your way to work Monday morning. After work, just grab an outfit from your bag and go to the gym. When you get home, bring the dirty clothes inside and put them in the hamper. There’s no guesswork and nothing to remember!

Use the notepad on your smart phone and create on-the-go to-do and grocery lists. You’ll never forget an item and you’ll always remember everything that needs to get done. Use your phone’s calendar to schedule appointments. No more lugging around a paper calendar and having to recall where you left it. Plus, you’ll always have your schedule with you.

March can be sane if you spring into action. Don’t throw your workout routine into the elimination round. Use these tips to secure your championship!

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