June 2015

We Were Fired Up in Dallas!

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We Were Fired Up in Dallas!

There was no shortage of attendees at Jazzercise Live this year as 1,800 people from around the world came together for an epic weekend full of great times and unforgettable memories. It was nothing but smiles, muscles and of course lots of sweat! 

The excitement started building outside the room as die hards waited to be the first to get in to the Interval Fusion Dance Mixx class.

Jazzercise in Dallas

Once inside, the room was packed and the energy was intense! Imagine being at your favorite musician’s concert. Yeah…that’s what it felt like. Everyone was psyched!

Fitness experts in Texas

This event was so BIG that 3 Dallas news channels showed up! This was a very early morning with Channel 8 Daybreak. As you can see not even a 4:45am start deterred anyone from wanting to be a part of the newscast.

Jazzercise fans

But the weekend wasn’t just packed with hot Jazzercise classes, we challenged attendees to a Plank It Off Challenge and they rocked it! $5000 Was raised to support families facing homelessness. One attendee said on Twitter, “#JazzerciseLive #PlankChallenge -- 2 minutes was fairly easy while rockin’ out to BeyoncĂ© #success”. You can’t quite beat helping children while listening to some hot tunes! And of course it was easy. Anyone who takes our Strength classes will tell you that.

Effective exercises

Jazzercise gives back

Everyone was pumped for a sweaty weekend but some had to shake off the nerves. This is how the pros do it! Our instructors teaching on stage had a little fun backstage as they got ready to teach the weekend’s pulse pounding classes.

Jazzercise instructors

The hit of Jazzercise Apparel shopping this year was the #TheNewJazzercise cami! The below picture was posted on Instagram and the caption says it all! “Another day stronger with #thenewjazzercise “

Workouts in Dallas, TX
10 countries were representing and proudly displaying how far they traveled to whoop it up for the weekend. Say hello to our Jazzercise #FitKrew from Mexico.

Jazzercise in Mexico

Not that we’re surprised, because we know how hard our workout is, but this picture just proves that we aren’t a legwarmer wearing 80’s workout. These are her words from Instagram – “This weekend kicked my butt! #thenewjazzercise #jazzerciselive”

Fitness experts at Jazzercise

We said that Dallas would be BIG! Attendees had no problem showing off their strength to get creative about making themselves the ‘I’ to be a part of the #DallasBig celebration happening in Dallas, Texas. We had a set of these letters that are found all over the city brought to us so attendees didn’t have to miss any of the action to participate. Ever wondered what Jazzercise can do for you? Here you have it!

Mobility workouts Jazzercise

Our expo was full of ways to rejuvenate after class. Everyone loved the hairstyling by Visible Changes Salon!

Getting ready with Jazzercise

#TheNewJazzercise finale was fresh and hot. Stay tuned for a video about the final class of the weekend that worked it out like no one’s business!

Jazzercise leaders in Texas

We hope you can join us next year in Palm Desert to come work it with us! Need a little motivation to buy your tickets? Check out this recap of this year's event. 

I have never been to this event, I only heard about it! It sounds like an epic weekend - I would sooo like to join one time! Maybe next year!
4/16/2018 4:50:31 AM

Analise Thompsen
Jazzercise in Dallas is the most anticipated event for me and my girlfriends! We fully support this activity inorder to be active and fit all the time. We can't wait for the next Jazzercise event next year!
10/14/2016 3:27:08 AM

This kind of events Jazzercise in Dallas are great. Everyday, we are dealing with our personal life and work. To balance it, we need something refreshing activities like Jazzercise. I support this activity and my wife to be active and be fit all the time. Thank you for sharing this useful post. We will keep following up with the next events.
10/14/2015 6:10:10 AM

Rocky Ahmed
Jazzercise in Dallas is the coolest events I seen. They are all looking fit and I cannot wait for the the next year. Me and my wife definitely will follow this next year. Everyone are having a great time. I been in Dallas for a year now and this event is productive for everyone.
9/18/2015 8:30:49 AM

Paula Street
Dallas 2015, great time was had by all. I was impressed by the teaching, organization & communication of Jazzercise Live.
7/8/2015 10:24:11 PM

Grace A. Thompson
Been doing Jazzerciae since the 80s. The moves have definitely evolved for the better and are certainly no longer 'your mother's Jazzercise routines'. I love it now more than ever! Ever thought of doing a cruising Jazzerjam?
7/3/2015 3:24:07 PM

stephanie monroe
Had so much fun, Better than I thought it would be. Planning on 2016
7/1/2015 7:47:57 PM

Sheri Peterson
Clearwater, FL Sam Lowe's class
I'm 68 and have been going to Jazzercise for 30 years!! It has been a wonderful part of my life and has kept me "young"! Sam Lowe is the greatest; I can't wait to get to class every day and leave with a smile on my face. Thanks, Jazzercise!
7/1/2015 7:19:26 PM

looks like a good time was had by all! I attended a few "jazzerjams" back in the good old days of the80' s and 90's..jazzercise is changing with the times which I guess I a good thing...the new idea of "not your mothers jazzercise" might help as there is a lot of competition now....
7/1/2015 1:25:05 PM

sharon cantrell
So bummed I missed this!!! Thanks Deb goldman for keeping us posted on all the amazing energy and fun !
Love My jazzercise!
7/1/2015 10:28:50 AM

Alison Seal
Jazzercise is the best thing for you and me.
7/1/2015 7:00:12 AM

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