July 2016

Let’s Dance! Jazzercise Inc. Celebrates National Dance Day 2016

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Let’s Dance! Jazzercise Inc. Celebrates National Dance Day 2016

Since July 31, 2010, Americans have been celebrating National Dance Day on the last Saturday of July. Launched by “So You Think You Can Dance” co-creator and Dizzy Feet Foundation co-president Nigel Lythgoe the campaign aims to “encourage Americans to embrace dance as a fun and positive way to maintain good health and fight obesity.”

Here at Jazzercise, we are lucky to have the ability to combine fitness with what we love most…DANCING! Dance is the universal language of expression. It’s also a fun and great way to get into shape. People dance for physical fitness, mental clarity, emotional steadiness, and so many other reasons. It’s a way for humans to express themselves when words are lacking or simply don’t suffice. In fact, 93% of communication is nonverbal.

Dance workout Jazzercise
But, why do people love to dance? According to Columbia University neurologist John Krakauer. “First, people speculate that music was created through rhythmic movement—think: tapping your foot. Second, some reward-related areas in the brain are connected with motor areas. Third, mounting evidence suggests that we are sensitive and attuned to the movements of others' bodies, because similar brain regions are activated when certain movements are both made and observed.” Basically, dance is a deeply enjoyable form of communication. We love moving expressively and watching others do the same. As Agnes deMile once said, “The truest expression of a people is in its dance and music. Bodies never lie.”


Some of our Jazzercise, Inc. dancers tell us why they love to dance:

Toni G., instructor and salsa dancer: “Because I feel as though it’s the best way I can express my soul. I enjoy being able to share who I am through dance, and I love learning about other through dance. Not to mention dancing is so liberating and fun!”

Ashley D., instructor and contemporary dancer: “I’ve always loved dancing – it’s such a freeing form of personal expression and truly feels so good! But I think my favorite part is the relationships you can build with music; it’s almost like you can tell a story – you can inspire catharsis, allow people to hear a song differently or appreciate the music even more because of how you move to it. Which is just awesome.”

Emily N., instructor and dancer: “Music is a universal language that brings people together and makes the world a better place. It has the power to bring life to any situation, and what better way to enjoy life than by dancing through it? ☺”

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Claire L., instructor and dancer: “I think when I was a kid dance brought structure to my life and taught me discipline… now it’s an escape that helps me feel carefree – like I’m a kid again. No matter what’s going on in my life, when I hear the music and start moving, I have fun just living in that moment.”

Allison J., instructor: “I love to dance because there is no right or wrong. As long as you are moving and having fun, that’s all that matters.”

Sarah S., instructor and hip hop dancer: “Because it takes me to a place where all my worries disappear. I can be me and have fun without any pressure. Plus, I’m a freestyle freak. I can bust a move to just about anything!”

Sam B., instructor and dancer: “Dancing makes me happy and I love being happy! That’s what it’s all about.”

And now, presenting Jazzercise Inc.’s official 2016 SYTYCD National Dance Day video:

Don’t forget to submit your National Dance Day videos to Dizzy Feet Foundation!

Enjoy, and Happy National Dance Day!

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