January 2019

Real Talk: Why Galentines are Good for the Heart

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Real Talk: Why Galentines are Good for the Heart

February gives us 28 days chock full of reasons to celebrate love, friendship and taking better care of ourselves. So, let’s kick off American Heart Month with our number one heart health essential: our Galentines.

According to the Washington Post, strong relationships have many health benefits, including resilience against heart disease, which is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. Needless to say, here at Jazzercise we’re feeling pretty lucky these days to have such an amazing community behind us that always shows us their support and encourages one another to stay fit.

Check out what some of our favorite, inspiring gal pals had to say about finding their fitness tribes and learn about how having a community of strong, uplifting women behind them has encouraged them to live healthier, fitter lives.

Galentines Day is good for the heart

How have your fitness friendships made it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Shannon: My friendship with Diana, one of my amazing instructors, definitely improves my overall health. I find I push myself to make it to her classes. I know I’ll always have a good time in her classes and it keeps it fun for me! This is important since I typically don’t love working out.

Cynthia: I attend classes not only to dance, but to see my friends who help enhance my daily well-being.

Nazzi: I love planning, and sticking to the plan, to meet friends for a class. It makes you more accountable to tell the instructor and your friends that you’ll see them in class and make sure you show up.

What do you want people who are considering trying group fitness classes to know about finding their tribe?

Misha: Getting the courage to go to your first class is half the battle. Once you’re there it’s easier than you’d think to meet friends, and before you know it you’re scheduling classes together and grabbing coffee afterwards.

Nazzi: I’ve made some amazing friendships that include wonderful instructors and other customers. I try to go to different class times to meet new instructors and new customers. I adore the people I’ve met at Jazzercise - so friendly, fun and warm.  

Diana: I look forward to going to class and not only getting an amazing workout, but seeing everyone else in class! My son made friends in the babysitting room, too!

What’s the best part of the friendships you formed through fitness?

Dawn, instructor: Through graduations, weddings, babies, victories, failures, hardships, health issues, joys and troubles, your Jazzercise friends are a group you see and talk to regularly and it means something special to have them in your life and in your corner.  

Easy to see here that community can be key when setting, and reaching, fitness goals. How do you think your friendships keep you healthier and happier? Tell us in the comments!

Christine Krause
LOVE.. love.. love JAZZERCISE!!! I moved to Michigan from California & knew no one.. my Jazzercise valentines are the BEST!! We share so much more than our sweat 😂😂
2/16/2019 6:01:53 PM

Rhonda Fischer
East Rochester,NY
I Have been going to Jazzercise since it started. And in 2017 I came down with breast cancer . And when I was in chemo and radiation I kept getting Jazzercise cards from the instructors in the mail cheering me on just like in class ! One instructor wrote, they missed my smile ! Oh how that can make your day! I put the cards on my table and read them every day . It gave me strength. How the little things end up being very big things ! Now after one year of treatment with very little hair I am back in class And happily am cancer free. One day and one step at a time. 61 percent chance You will keep cancer out of your body by exercising. The rest is lifestyle and eating healthy. So keep moving that body. Low impact is best. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share .
2/16/2019 12:41:09 AM

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