April 2016

In Case You Missed It: Jazzercise Franchisee Conference and Celebration 2016 in Las Vegas!

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In Case You Missed It: Jazzercise Franchisee Conference and Celebration 2016 in Las Vegas!

Earlier this month, Jazzercise, Inc. hosted the Franchisee Conference & Celebration at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. About 700 franchisees, (instructors and owners - click here to see our franchisee page for more info) made their way from around the country and across the world to get motivated, elevated, and inspired by the All-Star krew. The lineup included CEO and founder of Jazzercise, Inc. Judi Sheppard Missett, President Shanna Missett Nelson, chief officers, directors, sales managers, and resident “fireball” guest speaker Katie Gordon Parker.

Jazzercise in Vegas

This elevated event brought corporate officers and franchisees together for coaching, teaching, encouragement, and teamwork to help make the Jazzercise program even more superior than it is for its customers and the community.

Jazzercise Leaders

What an event it was! A weekend full of fired-up meetings, special apparel shopping, and energy charged workouts. This session, the second time being held in Las Vegas, was developed as an extra perk for franchisees who are brand new to the program, or are veterans that could use some fresh inspiration. In essence, it’s the Jazzercise, Inc. way of giving back to those who help us share the gift of fitness and wellness with the world!

Here are some highlights from this years’ conference:

Jazzercise fitness leaders

Motivational Meetings: Our Jazzercise gurus brought the motivation in full force with various workshops and meetings throughout the weekend. This included a blend of extra coaching for instructors, Q and A sessions with leadership panels, a valuable talk by Katie Gordon Parker, and the truth about being a franchisee owner. Everyone had a shot at having their questions answered, and had the opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow franchisees from all over the globe!

Jazzercise Conference in Las Vegas

Exclusive Apparel Shopping: Attendees had a blast shopping new looks from the Signature Must-Haves and their favorite Jazzercise Apparel spring gear, all while jamming out to a live DJ. Yes, shopping can be a party too!

Speed Date the Corporate Krew: Lunch time was filled with activities. The plated 3-course meal was not only delicious, but the corporate krew took the time to visit each table and chat with attendees. What better than to get one-on-one time with our leadership team over chicken marsala and ganache! For the “cherry on top,” our fitKrew from the Carlsbad and Oceanside Jazzercise Centers performed a spectacular choreographed dance. Fabulous routine, ladies!

Awards Ceremony: At Jazzercise, Inc. we find it tremendously important to share successes of our franchisees. After all, they’re what keeps us doing what we’re doing! The President’s Club, which praises those with outstanding performance, recognized many franchisee owners by presenting them with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum level awards for accomplishing greatness in their areas. Congrats everyone!

Jazzercise attendees
Fitness leaders Jazzercise

Finale Workout and Party: The definition of going out with a bang! Judi Sheppard Missett, Shanna Missett Nelson, and Young MCarthy lead all of the attendees in a finale class that included new moves and new grooves! What a blast! Talk about sweating it out. After class, the celebration concluded with a cocktail hour party and finale toast by Judi Sheppard Missett and the entire krew!

Fitness workout Jazzercise

Effective Dance Cardio workout  

There you have it folks, this years’ franchisee conference was a hit. If you were there, thank you for being a part of this amazing event. If you couldn’t make it, we’ll see you next time! To learn more about becoming a franchisee, click here!

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Mirabai Breemer
I hope the full video of the presentation given to the Associates will be made available! I felt like that morning session elevated my teaching up a notch or two! I wish the rest of the Associates at our studio could have seen it!
4/17/2016 9:53:15 PM

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