November 2019

7 Things Your Fitness Instructor Wants You to Know

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7 Things Your Fitness Instructor Wants You to Know

Jazzercise instructors are the party-makers, our biggest cheerleaders, booty-shaking motivators, and sometimes even our resident besties. But have you ever wondered what goes on in their heads while they’re up there dancing on stage? 

It may seem like our favorite FitPros are there for a sweaty good time, and so often they make dancing through 45 minutes of rigorous dance moves look (gasp!) easy. But actually, there’s a lot more going on up on stage than what meets the eye. 

Jazzercise instructors undergo rigorous training to lead classes on the big stage. From proving themselves in a virtual audition, to one-on-one coaching with a Training Specialist, to receiving expert guidance from an on-staff exercise physiologist—being a FitPro definitely takes some serious dedication and skills.

In addition to all the prep work to become an instructor, our FitPros put a lot of thought and energy into each and every class. They learn all the latest routines, create a class plan, and practice it all beforehand so they can lead the way through sweaty dance parties without a hitch. 

So what are Jazzercise instructors really thinking while they’re up on stage? We asked a small group of FitPros what they’re thinking, what they’d like YOU to know, and what they wish everyone would leave at the door.

1. No one is judging you
We know, we know...almost every gym or studio you go to will say this. But at Jazzercise, we really mean this. No matter your age, size, or fitness level, everybody is welcome at Jazzercise and we are a judgment-free zone. 

Make a wrong move in class? Awesome! We call those accidental solos! Can’t do the moves to full intensity? No problem, we’ll show you how to modify as you go. Don’t know anyone in class? Just wait until you feel the energy of an entire community cheering you on!

Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or have two left feet, you belong with us on the dance floor!

2. Newbies are always welcome
We’ve all been the newbie in class before, and for us they are our VIPs. We recommend getting to your first class early, getting a feel for the studio, and talking to your instructor about any injuries or concerns ahead of time. There are no reserved “spots” on the dance floor, but our community highly recommends standing behind a seasoned Jazzercise dancer or right up front by the instructor.

We know that it takes a lot of courage to start a new fitness class, and we’re so excited to welcome all newcomers, but beware—you’re likely to walk out of your first class with a few new best friends!

3. Leave your nerves at the door
Pro-Tip: There are no mistakes in Jazzercise! Leave your inhibitions at the door and come dance with us. We’re all so busy getting the moves down ourselves that no one will even notice if you mess up a move or two (or 10!). 

We’re here to dance and sweat the stress away and have a good time doing something healthy for our bodies. In fact, exercise is known to help decrease stress levels, so come shake it off on the dance floor.

4. Let go of how you look
Have you ever wondered why we don’t have mirrors at Jazzercise? That’s one of our most-asked questions and you might be surprised to find out how much thought went into this! 

The decision to not have any mirrors at Jazzercise studios was made years ago. We want everyone to come to class, have fun, and enjoy the workout—not worry about what they look like or nailing precise moves. We want you to feel like Beyoncé shaking it on stage…even if you’re coming to class without any dancing experience.

5. Talk to Us About Your Injuries
Are you pregnant or do you have an injury? Please talk to your instructor and let us know before class. All of our moves have low impact modifications and we want to make sure you’re getting everything you need to be successful in our classes. In fact, low impact exercises can be just as effective as high intensity workouts, so there’s no shame in your low impact game!

6. The Strength Portion Is Important
Dance cardio is amazing! It gets your heart pumping, sweat flowing, and gives you that beautiful post-workout glow we all know and love. But before you skip out of class, make sure you stay for the strength training portion. While dance cardio burns calories in the moment, strength training burns calories in the days to come and helps to increase your metabolism. Plus, who doesn’t want gorgeously strong arms to show off?!

Pro Tip: If you’re not feeling challenged enough by the strength training sections, try increasing your weights a little bit at a time. You’ll be surprised how effective just a couple more pounds can be!

7. You’re Our Motivators, Too!
As much as we’re there to inspire you to get fit, you’re motivating us too! Almost all of us have other jobs and responsibilities aside from teaching Jazzercise, and YOU holding US accountable for showing up and giving it our all is just as important. We couldn't do this without you, Jazzercise Nation!

There’s so much more to teaching a Jazzercise class than what meets the eye. If you think your instructor isn't noticing you and your sassy moves—think again! They see you from the stage and they’re cheering you on!

Do you have an inspiring FitPro? Tell us about something they’ve said in class or up on stage that encouraged you to dance just a little bit harder!

Being a Jazzercise FitPro is a great way to be a part of your community. Not only will you encourage others to become their healthiest, happiest self, but you’ll reap all the benefits as well. To learn more about becoming an instructor, visit

I’m amazed at the difference Jazzercise has made in my abilities to do certain things. Never thought I could do some things any more but here I am making so much progress. I especially appreciate when our instructors remind us which part of your body to use as I sometimes get off track and don’t even realize it. Our instructors have a wonderful attitude and pass that on easily. I think there is a lot of background work to what they do. And, so happy there are no mirrors! :)
8/31/2023 11:08:11 PM

Beverly Jones
Love me some mambo. Could do it everyday!!!
8/31/2023 3:46:14 PM

Debbie Shaw
want to say, Jazzercise has been a big part of my life, i do the excercising i learned at Jazz for years.....I must say we all develope a bond with everyone we have class with......I loved all the Instructors,and the feeling how i felt after class was amazing....I miss all my Jazzbuds,I actually made a Jazzercise Banner for the studio.much love to Jazzercise Company and to all my Jazzbuds
8/30/2023 10:02:15 PM

Susan Cucuzza
I would also add that your instructors want you to know that when you smile while you’re working out, it motivates them!
8/30/2023 2:11:36 AM

Great article! I really have met some of my best friends in Jazzercise classes-- and some of them were on stage! One thing an instructor said that has really stuck with me is, "Modify, but don't stop." That gets me through anything. 🙂
8/30/2023 1:42:25 AM

Mary Jo
“It’s the last cardio - what you gonna’ do about it?”
I loved this! It got me through at a point when I thought I couldn’t do any more - but I did - with attitude, and finished strong! : )
Love all the FitPros & JOD!!
8/29/2023 8:13:38 PM

Mary Jo
“It’s the last cardio - what you gonna’ do about it?”
I loved this! It got me through at a point when I thought I couldn’t do any more - but I did - with attitude, and finished strong! : )
Love all the FitPros & JOD!!
8/29/2023 8:13:16 PM

I am so grateful for Jazzercise on Demand. I can pick my workout each day and even add on to a workout for a little extra work on an area that needs more emphasis. I use to go to a center in Columbia, Maryland and have moved twice now and no other center compares. Thank you for having such encouraging instructors on JOD!!
8/29/2023 4:36:49 PM

Victoria Trinske
I have been a Jazzersizer for about 12 years. During those years I have moved around different parts of the country and have attended 7 different studios. When people ask me how I do it and make new friends, my answer is always Jazzersize!!
9/1/2021 5:29:24 PM

josie brown
excellent class on sat, it is high impact jazzicise, so time I can keep up and other times I have to break to caught my breath, I want to lose about 50 pounds so I can dance all night , but since I had my kids, my weight picked up and being in Rebecca class has motivated me to do move movement, with low inpact to moderate movements! You are a great instructor Rebecca keep up the good work I appreciate you invited me to your class.
1/17/2020 5:28:16 PM

Mrs sarah corteil
I love this x
11/26/2019 7:28:13 PM

Kim Strom
The best advice I got from an instructor were 2 things. For a newbie - Get the feet part down before you add or worry about your arms & always keep your back straight when you are doing a move.
11/26/2019 4:16:12 PM

Carolyn Efries
The companionship and endorphins got me through a very tough time in my life.
11/25/2019 10:58:49 AM

Sharon Thomas
I would LOVE to do strength. I get your point BUT please know, not all of us can do. Some of us can only get the most from cardio and call it good. Thank you for the 7 Things!
11/24/2019 9:17:03 PM

One of our fabulous instructors always says “this is my favourite song” to a lot of the songs. 😂. And she’s right, I agree with her 😉
11/24/2019 2:29:36 PM

Pam Rainey
If you are a “front row” or “middle-of-the-floor” ( like me) type of Jazzer, try being on the back row once in awhile to see how great it looks when the whole class is moving! It’s inspiring and motivating. We look so good together!
11/23/2019 3:22:30 PM

Ruth Wagner
I’ve been going to Jazzercise for 7 years. It makes me feel good and I’ve met so many amazing women. They care about you when you’re going through tough times and make you laugh all the time.
11/23/2019 1:08:28 PM

Renee Ochs
Jazzersize is the best! I feel such a difference when I don’t go!! Everyone is so supportive!!
11/23/2019 5:17:12 AM

Just give it 7 classes, a variety of instructors and a variety of classes! After 7 classes, you will be hooked!
11/23/2019 3:31:38 AM

Carol Schon
If you don't squeeze your bottom, nobody else will! 😘
11/23/2019 3:10:00 AM

I go to Jazzercise in Fredericksburg and love the workouts and the camaraderie of all the people I’ve met there. They literally have turned my world around - when I started, I had several medical issues. I’m now 67 years old and healthier than I was 20 years all because of Jazzercise!! Thank you, Jeanne Chapman and all of your instructors!
11/23/2019 12:54:11 AM

1. Sit back on those heels.
2. Make sure you're breathing.
3. We're almost there...DON'T STOP!
4. (finally)...I know you're tired,
I'm working right along with you.
11/22/2019 11:44:29 PM

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