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Ready to Apply?

Follow these steps to become a Jazzercise instructor. Reach out to your local District Manager at any time for more information. We are here to help!

  1. Fill Out an Application
    • Download and install Adobe Reader (version XI or higher). Click here.
    • Download a blank Franchised Instructor Application (zip file).
    • Unzip the file.
    • Open the application form on your computer.
      (Note: You MUST use Adobe Reader for this step. Certain web browsers will not save the application properly).
    • Complete the form and save it.
    • Email the completed application form to your District Manager.

  2. Try Out– Applicants attend a Casting Call movement screening to qualify for the Jazzercise Training Program. At Casting Call, you take a class while a qualified Jazzercise representative assesses movement, including basic technique, endurance, and rhythm. Applicants who are ready for the Jazzercise Training Program are notified shortly thereafter and will move on to do an audition. Contact the District Manager for the Casting Call schedule.

  3. Sign on the Dotted Line - You will receive a Franchise Agreement and Offering Circular (disclosure of franchise related information) specific to your state or country. After comprehensively reading the Franchise Agreement, return the completed Franchise Agreement and initial Franchisee Fee of $1,250 to Jazzercise, Inc.

  4. Review Training Materials – After you submit the completed Franchise Agreement and initial Franchise Fee, training materials will be mailed to you. These include routines to learn for your audition.

  5. Get CPR Certified – As health and fitness leaders, all Jazzercise instructors must be cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certified prior to their audition.

  6. Take the Health and Fitness Exam – An understanding of basic anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition, body composition and injury prevention is required for Jazzercise instructors. The Health and Fitness Exam is based on the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Fitness: Theory and Practice manual. You will receive an email invitation to take the required Health and Fitness exam prior to your audition. The online exam must be successfully completed at least seven (7) days prior to the audition.

  7. Rehearse Audition Routines – To support and prepare you for the audition and New Franchisee Training, three rehearsals are led by a qualified Jazzercise representative. Each rehearsal builds on skills required of a franchisee.

  8. Audition – The audition is to ensure franchisees are able to positively lead a class, instruct customers safely, and perform movements as choreographed with the appropriate intensity to music. At audition, trainees must show all of these abilities during a practical demonstration.

  9. Attend Training - After passing audition and completing the New Franchisee Training, you become a franchisee and certified Jazzercise Instructor and are ready to start a franchise. Congratulations!
  • For New York residents only: This advertisement is not an offering. An offering can only be made by a prospectus filed first with the Department of Law of the State of New York. Such filing does not constitute approval by the Department of Law. For Minnesota residents only: F-1092.