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We keep you moving

Beats jumpin’, bass droppin’, heart pumpin’ dance party workouts that incinerate up to 800cph (that’s calories-per-hour). We’ll leave you breathless, toned and coming back for more.

We keep it coming

Fresh body pulsing music and new moves keep you psyched to sweat. Instructors train every year to master the Jazzercise method, which fuses cardio, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and, of course, the demanding forms of dance.

You’ll transform

Expect to feel results after 3 classes, and expect to keep going. With so many classes to choose from you get the variety you need to stay motivated and break through plateaus. The average person sticks with Jazzercise for 7 years. Why? Because it works.

So what are you waiting for? Find a location near you and let’s do this.

Our Classes
Dance Mixx

Torch fat, sculpt lean muscle and crush calories with this high intensity workout that mixes dance-based cardio with strength training. Fresh pulse-pounding music and body-blasting moves bring the intensity to transform your body, boost your mood and ignite your energy.

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Our Interval classes unleash the heart pumping, fat burning power of High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT). It’s max intensity from start to finish—there’s no rest in these intervals. Get defined in all the right places with circuit-based bursts of cardio and strength training.

Hit it hard with Fusion, Interval Fusion and Interval Dance Mixx.

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Supercharge your metabolism and blast fat fast. This circuit-based High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) class fuses cardio pumping dance moves with muscle work. Rev up your results with this total body workout.

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Flip Fusion

Dig deep and leave it all on the floor with this feel-it-everywhere workout. Targeted, long-lasting muscle carving sets lead the charge, followed by shorter blasts of cardio dance to maintain intensity. This is where heavy strength and short cardio bursts collide in a class that works long after the workout is over.

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Rock your core with this cardio plus strength class designed to get you to your best body ever. Every move has a core-crunching focus to chisel your middle and target those v-line abs.

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Strike hits cardio and muscles hard for maximum impact. Jab and kick your way through sweaty, pumping music mixes that end with a muscle blast. Knock out fat and stress and release your endorphins. Calories don’t stand a chance.

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Forge the tight, lean body you’re looking for while the pulse-pounding playlist distracts you from the burn. Fire up the muscles—all of them—in this 45 minute hard core muscle sculpting strength workout.

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Go for confidence-inspiring contour and definition while you melt fat. A full 60 minutes of fat-burning, muscle-sculpting, it-hurts-and-it’s-worth-it strength training. This class will transform you!

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Cut to the chase with a 30 minute blast of dance-based cardio plus strength training. Rev it up and rock it out in half the time.

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Personal Touch

Make it personal with supercharged fat-blasting, muscle-chiseling, body-rocking intensity in a small group or individual setting. Additional fees may apply.

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Junior Jazzercise

Kids have a blast working it out with new music mixes, high energy dance moves and fitness games created just for them. It’s all about fitness, coordination, strength, nutrition, confidence and—most of all—fun!

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Get all the pulse-pounding, body-pumping intensity without the hop. Use your muscles—not your momentum—to get a killer core workout. Rock it out with dance-based cardio and strength training for total body transformation.

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Be fierce with this fat-burning cardio and muscles workout. Build balance and flexibility, tone your whole body and charge up your metabolism with pulse-pounding beats, modified movements and lower intensity for all fitness levels.

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Walking in to one of our dance fitness classes is easy. There’s something unique about Jazzercise. It’s hard to describe, but we promise you’ll feel it when you’re there. No judgment, no intimidation. Instructors and customers make you feel like you belong. And forget booking ahead or reserving special equipment. Just come in and kick butt with us.


When you register for a membership you get unlimited classes. Or you can pay as you go. Go to Find a Location to get pricing in your area.

Plus we have care for your kiddos in many of our locations.

Want a little more incentive? We’ve got the plan for you.


So you’re not a dancer. We only have one thing to say to that—who cares? Just come to class and move. You want to transform your body, not become a back-up dancer for Beyonce, right? We got this. Besides, when the beat drops you’ll be surprised what your hips can do.


Variety is the key to staying with a workout and breaking through plateaus and we’ve got that! Our instructors are expertly trained to mix in new moves and new music so classes are always different. Plus you can choose from class types like Dance Mixx, Strike, Core, Fusion and Strength to keep your workouts fresh and challenging. How do you want to work it today?


Come to Class

You won’t see a single leotard or legwarmer—we promise. What you will see is sweat, swagger and high intensity endorphin-packed workouts that leave the 80’s behind.