November 19, 2020

Jazzercise, Inc. Statement on COVID-19

As we continue to adjust to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), please know that your safety is our top priority. We appreciate the trust our members place in us and want to assure you that our locations have been advised to follow all local fitness facility COVID restrictions and guidelines. Jazzercise has always been about fitness and community, two things we all need in our life now more than ever. We would like to thank all customers who are supporting local Jazzercise facilities by maintaining their membership. Your membership assists the efforts to maintain classes and reopen as quickly as possible during what is a very challenging time for our small, locally-owned businesses.

If you a current customer and would like to further support your local facility and instructors, please consider referring a friend. We are still welcoming new customers and appreciate any referral you might make to encourage others to join our Jazzercise family.

If you are new to Jazzercise, join us for a stress relieving, muscle building, motivational class! You can register for either our $39, 10-day trial offer or any of our recurring monthly no-commitment tickets. Your purchase is good for any combination of our local livestream, in-person, or outdoor classes……just check the schedule at your local facility here. In addition to your local options, as a member you will have access to the Jazzercise Global livestream classes taught by our corporate FitPro’s.

We will continue to innovate and find new ways to bring dance and positivity into your life, so follow us on Facebook or Instagram

Your Jazzercise Family