High-Impact Vs. Low-Impact Exercise: Which Is Right For You? | Jazzercise

At Jazzercise, we are ecstatic to offer both high-impact and low-impact class options to our amazing community. It’s our goal to always meet you where you’re at in your fitness journey. And, like most things in life, there’s a time and a place for each of these exercise classes. 

Top 10 Dance Fitness Moves to Get Your Heart Pumping

We have good news, Jazzercise FitFam: dancing is more than a great pastime, it also serves as a killer fitness workout.  Dance cardio workouts are the perfect way to get your heart pumping! Dance fitness moves raise your heart rate, burn calories, build muscle, and boost energy levels. Best of all, they’re a total BLAST! Whether you try these workout dance moves in class, at home, or out on the town, you’re going to LOVE their total-body health perks.

8 Benefits of Stretching: Why You Should Try a Stretching Class

While many people focus on cardio and strength training as part of their regular exercise routine, stretching is often overlooked. Not at Jazzercise! Stretching is included at the end of all of our class formats. We also offer a Stretch class designed to stretch those muscles, increase flexibility, and relieve soreness.

Why Combining Fun and Fitness Can Transform Your Health

Fun isn’t just something that magically appears—it’s something that happens to us. But the mental and physical benefits of a more joyful lifestyle prove that cultivating fun into our routines is a health gamechanger. Here’s how fun supports your wellness, plus actionable ways to add more fun into your fitness routine.

How Healthy Habits Can Lead to a Happier You

Habits of healthy people include building relationships, practicing mindfulness, and putting aside screens whenever possible. (That’s a whole lot of HAPPY, right?!) You may already be onto some healthy habits or struggling to start. Either way, we’re here to support your journey towards a healthier, happier you! 

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