January 2019

Vacation Like a Local: How to Visit San Diego on the Cheap

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Vacation Like a Local: How to Visit San Diego on the Cheap

You may feel ready to soak up some sun, but is your budget? We really, really want to see you this June at our 50 Years Strong celebration, so, we’ve put together some great tips on how to travel during peak times on the cheap.

Flights & Other Cheap Travel Hacks
Because travel doesn’t always have to be expensive!

1. Search travel sites like Google Flights, and Kayak to find the cheapest flight options, and then...

2. ...book flights on Sunday to save the most.

3. Check out the airlines’ website as well! They’re known for offering even deeper discounts for those who book direct.

4. Don’t forget to clear your cache! Once airliners know you’re searching for specific flights they may raise the prices offered to you. You can also avoid price gouging by searching for flights in a Google Chrome incognito window (just hit Ctrl+ Shift + N while in your browser).

5. Be flexible! Leave a day or two early or stay a couple extra days and you could save some major moolah on your flight. (Trust us, you won’t regret adding a few extra days for some quality R & R.)

6. Make a list of FREE activities you and your tribe can do by perusing sites like sandiego.org, Thrillist and NBC San Diego. Or be bold and go it alone!

Where to stay
Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina
333 West Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101
Toll Free: (877) 622-3056
Phone: (619) 234-1500

The Perks: Enjoy breathtaking views of the San Diego Bay and take advantage of the 4-star amenities, including two (!!)  free-form swimming pools. Okay, okay, the Marriott may not be the least expensive, but in terms of location and amenities, it sure packs a punch.

Also worth consideration are Air BnB, La Jolla Mom’s list of budget-friendly hotels and, of course, by watching Trip Advisor.

Want more hotel options? Check out more recommended hotels here.

Ready to Go? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Airport Information
Fly into San Diego International Airport (SAN) located just three miles from Downtown San Diego.

To travel far and wide in SD County, you’ll want to rent a car. Booking Buddy, Kayak, and Fare Finder are all good sources for deals on auto rentals.

For girls night out, we recommend you download the Uber app or take advantage of San Diego’s awesome public transport.

Now, that should make it easier on your wallet. Ready to come dance and celebrate with us?

Yes, please

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Thank you so much for the tips....they will be most helpful.
We cannot wait to dance with you and celebrate being 50 years young and strong!!!
1/24/2019 1:43:59 PM

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