April 2013

Top Five Fitness Apps

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Top Five Fitness Apps

Best Fitness Apps

Fitness apps are useful workout tools that hold you accountable, similar to pairing up in class for Jazzercise attendance games. Install a fitness app on your smart phone and they’ll track everything from your heart rate to weight loss, and even your glucose levels. PC Magazine’s top fitness apps include free apps that count calories, offer coaching, and track and schedule workouts. In addition, several of the apps listed below also offer a sense of community, as well as friendly competition and encouragement.
5. Jazzercise
Customers can now stay connected to Jazzercise wherever they go with the help of the free Jazzercise App, now available on iTunes and Android. With the Jazzercise App, customers can
find up-to-date class schedules, add a class to their calendar, check-in on social media sites, search classes by their favorite instructors or class format, see current promotions and view facility hours and contact information.
4. Fitocracy
Fitocracy takes working out and gaming and turns it into a social platform for friendly competition. Track activities, earn points and move up another level. Earn “props” (similar to “likes” on Facebook) from the community, which is over half a million strong, and includes fitness coaches and nutrition experts.
3. GAIN Fitness
If you need a workout buddy, then let GAIN Fitness, an app for iPhone, coach you through an entire workout. Personal trainers created interactive, customizable workout packs in eight categories including interval training and yoga. The app is free to download and comes with a “balanced” routine, high definition images, and optional audio cues. Additional exercise packs begin at $2.99.
2. Lose It!
Designed for counting calories and logging exercise, Lose It! gives you instant access to healthy food options and tracks fitness levels. Set goals for weight loss, exercise, macronutrient intake, blood pressure and sleep, and Lose It! will track it for you. A food database with thousands of restaurant, grocery store, and brand-name foods lets you log your food activity.
1. MyFitnessPal
According to PC Magazine, MyFitnessPal, “is one of the best all-in-one calorie counter and exercise trackers for the iPhone.” An enormous database of foods and meals; recipes for imperial or metric systems; an easy to use interface; and a barcode scanner for packaged foods make this app quick and easy to use.
Coming Soon…Jazzercise Fitness Tracker
The Jazzercise team is working with MyFitnessPal to develop a Jazzercise fitness app that will track number of classes, calories burned, weight loss and nutrition information all in one place. This app is soon to become your best fitness companion! Stay tuned for details…

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Would like to try some classes to see if I like
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GAIN Fitness is my favourite app. Thanks for the remaining suggestions.
7/19/2017 3:36:35 AM

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