September 2023

Top 3 Tips for Practicing Self-Care At Home

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Top 3 Tips for Practicing Self-Care At Home

With anxiety, depression, and mental health concerns becoming more and more prevalent, it’s vital that we find real, effective ways to practice meaningful self-care. As Diane von Furstenberg once said, “the most important relationship you have in life is the one you have with yourself,” and we hope these tips will help you feel more grounded and healthy in your everyday life no matter what life brings.

Tip 1: Adjust Your Social Media Habits

Have you ever stopped to notice how you feel after scrolling aimlessly on social media? For some, seeing the world’s highlight reel is a motivator, for others it’s emotionally draining and can feel like a cruel instigator of comparison. This month, do yourself a favor and unfollow any accounts that don’t bring you joy. Curated and filtered feeds are beautiful, but if it comes with the price of feeling negatively about your own life, click unfollow.

Also, you can try deleting social media apps off your homepage. They’ll still be on your phone, it will just take a few extra steps to open the apps. This will curb that compulsive habit of easily checking them every few minutes. 

Tip 2: Do One of These Each Day

  • Get outside for 5 minutes before starting your day
  • Stretch for 15 minutes
  • Drink something soothing, like your favorite tea or a turmeric latte.
  • Call or text a loved one to remind them they’re special
  • Watch a show or movie you love to unwind
  • Cook healthy, nourishing meals
  • Write down 3 things you’re grateful for
  • Put your phone on airplane mode
  • Buy yourself flowers

Tip 3: Move Your Body

Feeling better about yourself (and your body) can be as simple as getting in a 30-minute sweat sesh a day. In fact, studies show being consistently active for 6 months or more is highly effective in boosting self-confidence. The boost in confidence doesn’t come from physical change, but rather the emotional shift that happens when you allow yourself to de-stress and focus on your wellbeing. Go for a walk, take a bike ride, or dance in your living room—whatever feels right for you!

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linda majors
I attended.Jazzercise many years ago. I would love to return but all I can probably start with modifying my workout. There is nothing better than Jazzercise! will be looking for a class in my area.
10/13/2023 4:05:59 PM

Julia Callahan
Would like tips for wellness.
9/24/2023 7:00:46 PM

Totally agree with all these points and actually do most without thinking, you have to create happiness and inner well being, this can also rub off on people and create a happy surrounding environment
9/22/2023 12:35:23 PM

Colette Staton
This was very interesting and helpful information, thanks 👍.
9/22/2023 4:01:50 AM

G Leanette Flentroy
Thank you for these new messages. They are fun to read and provide excellent advice!
9/21/2023 5:06:42 PM

Good tips!
9/21/2023 4:23:09 PM

Aleta Campbell
#1. I don’t mess with social media.
#2. Every one of these good . Yes, I’ll do this.
#3. Already JAZZERCISE 5 classes a Week!! “Move it or lose it!” Happy to still be on dance floor with gal pals in their 30s…. (I’m proudly 74! Jazzin for 35 years or so.)
9/19/2023 11:52:20 PM

Ron Kogan
Jazzercise will be a part of our lives as long as we are physsically able
9/19/2023 11:13:07 PM

Jessica Gomez
I go to the Forest Grove, OR location. Jazzercise is the only thing I’ve ever been able to stick with. When I’m feeling down and attend a class, I feel better. From the instructors to the students, everyone is awesome! I want to give a special thanks to Jody Kelsey who is a wonderful and caring instructor!
9/19/2023 6:54:01 PM

Elisette Acevedo
I’m Excited About Transforming My Mind Body & Soul!❤️
9/19/2023 1:44:29 PM

Angeline Graham
Thank you. I really appreciate the emails. They left my day and help me stay positive and focused.
9/19/2023 12:02:17 PM

Jane Cauley
I do some of these things already, because of Jazzercise, but I’m going to add more to my list. Not really a list, just good for me❤️. The best habit I’ve had for 13 years❤️❤️
9/19/2023 3:08:06 AM

Dianne Rowe
Number 2 . Getting outside for five minutes each morning would be a great start for me.
9/19/2023 12:58:36 AM

ALL of these tips are excellent. Thank you!
9/18/2023 10:50:29 PM

I don’t usually make comments but these tips seemed really good. Down to earth, nothing outlandish, just really easy ideas. Jazzercise is my favorite movement for twenty years and never gets old.
9/18/2023 8:54:18 PM

Joyce Richards
Of course Jazzercise is at the top of my list for destressing, but I also love to be outside taking my puppy for a walk. The weather is nice this time of year & I'm loving the fresh air. 🤩
9/18/2023 8:42:22 PM

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