November 2017

Mother-Daughter Duo Share Their Jazzercise Journey

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Mother-Daughter Duo Share Their Jazzercise Journey

Believe it or not, we at Jazzercise see nearly every single social media post you tag us in. From the daily sweaty selfies to the major milestones — we see it, we love it, and we’re celebrating with you in all your Jazzercise victories.
We’ve been watching Jazzercise customer Jaime Allison’s posts for some time now. In fact, it’s hard to ignore her amazing transformation. When we reached out, we quickly learned she’s got a heart of gold and may be as passionate about Jazzercise as we are! 
She and her daughter started on their Jazzercise journey in 2016. When we discovered their discipline and dedication, we knew we had to share their story. 
Tell us about the start of your health journey – what was your inspiration to start on this path?
My inspiration was to be a healthier, happier me! Since I can remember, I struggled with my body confidence; which led to poor self-esteem. I've started numerous weight loss plans and never finished. I would lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain was a vicious cycle. I finally decided I’d had enough. 
What were your goals when you started? How have those goals shifted?
My goals when I started this journey were to lose weight, get fit and love myself! Today my goals have only slightly changed. My goals now are to continue to be fit, maintain this lifestyle and live life to the fullest while doing it.
How did you find out about Jazzercise?
I was introduced to Jazzercise in January 2016 through my precious friend Courtney. We were talking one day after we had both joined our hometown community center and she asked if I wanted to try Jazzercise. I said “sure,” even though I was hesitant. We had been working out every afternoon at 3:30 and I liked getting home to the kids, mommy dos, etc. So, I thought why not try it? After that first class, I was hooked! 
How did you hold yourself accountable?  How many days a week are you attending Jazzercise classes?
My accountability comes from scheduling my Jazzercise classes, building in a routine and honestly, social media. There is nothing like having a community of friends to support you, hold you accountable and keep you in check both in-person and online.
I attend Jazzercise four times a week and would do it every day if my schedule allowed it!
What challenges have you faced?
One of the biggest challenges I’ve had is dealing with an old ACL injury. When I first started my classes I wore my knee brace. Now after some hard work and dedication, I can dance, do lunges and squat like never before. It’s incredible how strong Jazzercise has made me. 
So, tell us, how much weight have you lost so far?
I have lost 105 pounds total! 
How did your daughter get involved?
My gorgeous daughter Calista got involved with Jazzercise after I asked her to join Courtney and me. She was hooked after her first class, too! As a little girl, she was always into dance so this was the perfect way to help her rekindle her love of dance. I love watching her thrive on the dance floor and I notice her confidence build when she does it. She inspires me daily to be the best I can be, so I can be the best mom I can be.
What’s the best part about being able to attend Jazzercise with your daughter?
The best part of attending Jazzercise with my baby girl is seeing her do what she loves. Her beauty radiates and her self-confidence shines. When you watch your little girl struggle with the same difficulties you dealt with all your life, it’s comforting to see her reach her goals. You should see us together when we do the “sexy walk”! We love interacting with one another. Our friends tell us all the time that they love the way we dance together. She is my biggest fan, supporter and encourager; and I’m hers.
Any advice you’d want to share with others who are considering this journey?
My advice when starting your health journey is to stay committed, be consistent, be accountable, stay focused on your goals and LOVE yourself. Find your “me-time!” I’ve become very selfish and it has paid off. Believe me, I find time for my hubby, kiddos and life but I use my time wisely. Cherishing every moment so I can be healthy for the ones I love and adore.
Additionally, you have to find your “why.” This is your journey and yours alone. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are you. Every time you look in a mirror remember your “why.” Embrace it and have fun living it, ONE DAY AT A TIME.
What surprised you the most about this journey? 
My biggest surprise on this journey has been my willpower, self-control and self-love. In the past, I have given up easily, given way too many excuses, and been okay with just being “okay.” Not today and not during this journey. I am beyond blessed. 
How has this transformation with Jazzercise impacted your life?
It has given me freedom. Freedom to be happy with myself and giving me the confidence to feel incredible in my own skin! Thankful that my journey has impacted my relationship with my hubby, kiddos, family and friends. When you love yourself, you can give love to others unconditionally. 
What do you love most about your Jazzercise community?  How have they supported you along the way?
The Jazzercise community has been a source of constant support. I can walk into my classes every day and know that I have a shoulder to lean on, a friend to push me past my limits, music to uplift me and an instructor who believes in me. I love that in an hour I can relieve stress, burn calories and smile bigger than I have all day because of the friends that I have made! Each friend I have made I will cherish forever. They keep me dancing!

Last but not least, I’m thankful for my instructor Ricardo. From day one he has pushed me to be my best and encourages me daily. Beyond thankful for Jazzercise!
Do you have a Jazzercise transformation story you’d like to share?  Tell us about it! 

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MARY SUSAN watkins
i did jazzercise (old format) for about sixteen years,starting in 1980 when i saw an ad..i continued as often as i could, and one instructor i had, asked me to be a "door lady" to meet and greet and punch cards (at the time things were not digital)which was an extra bit of fun and way to meet and greet!unfortunalately she quit teaching after several years,and i quit attending classes..i must go back..i do miss it even though its not as much of a "dance fitness" program as it used to be..i have nothing but good memories (even went to 3 jazzercise conventions)and i think maybe my "older" body needs it..much more fun than the gym!keep smiling!
9/29/2022 11:52:21 PM

Thank you for sharing your story, Jamie! It’s truly inspiring to read.
11/13/2017 5:45:49 AM

Annita m Jefferson
In my heart I need to start... And I want to gift myself with being healthy and achieving this to.
I Love this story it's so inspiring.
11/12/2017 6:12:38 AM

Gina Richmond
I Love this story! I'm an instructor @jazzerciselakehighlands in Dallas, and we have several mother-daughter duos that take classes together. It is So inspirational to watch them share their love of fitness, and just see mothers and daughters spending time together (sometimes a rare thing in the teenage years)! My daughter is only 3, so she does Jr Jazzercise and loves it! I hope Jazzercise is something we can always do together! ❤️
11/11/2017 6:12:51 AM

Tammy Troup
Wonderful story!! Jazzercise has transformed my body as well and I am so very grateful!! I go to classes at Jazzercise Southlake Fitness Center in Texas, and if you look at their Facebook page, my before and after pics as well as my testimonial are posted there, dated Sept 3, 2017. I have lost over 60 lbs and I am healthier and happier than ever!! Love you Jazzercise!!
11/9/2017 12:30:10 PM

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