May 2024


Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Through Dance Workouts Classes

Does the idea of trying new things make you break out into a sweat (and not the good kind)? You’re not alone.

At Jazzercise, we understand stepping outside your comfort zone can be intimidating, stressful, and even overwhelming. Even so, we encourage you to do it because you may just find your new favorite thing!

Transform Your Workout With the Mobility Collection

Ready to step into your power and feel both flexible and strong? The Mobility Collection features 5 special-edition workouts to add before or after your regular workout to help you maximize your results.

Dance Fitness: Elevating Mood and Energy the Fun Way

At Jazzercise, you can energize your routine with the perfect pairing of dance and fitness every day of the week! You’ll dance party to the latest hit music and sculpt your body with calorie-blasting, muscle-building dance cardio and strength workouts! 

Why Body Sculpting Will Be Your New Favorite Workout

Anyone in the Jazzercise FitFam knows how much dance cardio has to offer. But there’s another, less-known component of Jazzercise workouts that will take your weekly routine to the next level: body sculpting!