July 2014

Jazzercise Live from Washington, DC

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Jazzercise Live from Washington, DC

You can feel the energy of the 1,600 Jazzercise fans as they took over the city enjoying specialty classes, shopping, taking selfies with their friends and sweating together at Jazzercise Live late last month!

In case you missed it or just want to relive it, we’ve included a video recap below highlighting the excitement throughout the event.

The weekend had a packed schedule that included a Friday night Dance Party class with the president of Jazzercise Shanna Misset Nelson, lots of great new music with new moves during the Live Taping and a wonderful conversation with Judi Sheppard Missett, Founder and CEO of Jazzercise and Kelly Sweeney the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

Judi's conversation, which centered around the evolution and future of Jazzercise, started with "I thought I'd talk to you about how this all happened". She took the audience on a journey that started in 1969, when she was a student at Northwestern University and a professional dancer who taught jazz in Chicago and wrapped up with talking about what Jazzercise looks like today and the company's bright future.

Watch this video to see Judi's inspirational and enlightening story.

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