December 2015

Jazzercise Elf on the Shelf

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Jazzercise Elf on the Shelf

We’re all familiar with the Elf on the Shelf—Santa’s “scout elf” that helps remind kids to be on their best behavior during Christmastime. But what if there were a “Jazzercise Elf” that helped keep adults on track with our fitness during the holidays? Read our poem about Jazzercise Elf below!

It was holiday season at Jazzercise
And before that festive time
Fitness lovers far and near
Had been hard at work on their behinds

But with the winter came blizzards
And the roads got covered in ice and snow
Making it harder to get off the couch and into class
And so much easier to be no-shows

Jazzercise elf on the shelf

Not to mention all the many fun parties
Filled with irresistible cookies, cakes and pies,
They welcomed the holiday spirit with open arms
And kissed their workout routines goodbye

As fitness Santa sighed and shook his head from the North Pole
He had a brilliant idea and sent a Jazzercise elf
To watch and see if we do our lunges and planks,
His watchful eye keeping us on track with our health

So whether cardio, core, or strength training
Jazzercise elf just wants us to stay fit and dance
So that we all have a happy and health holiday
Because we’ll feel great and still fit into our pants!

workout with jazzercise


Sally Schumacher
Thanks for sharing the poem and introducing the Jazzercise Elf. We all need to keep on track with our own fitness goals.
12/17/2015 9:22:09 AM

John Cena
It's great, I rate it an 8/8. Helped me RKO Randy Orton last night. It defiantly gets the JOHN CENA STAMP OF APPROVAL!
12/14/2015 8:23:48 PM

Thank you Jazzercise for that awesome poem!
12/11/2015 9:42:32 PM

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