September 2016

Hey Girlfriends, Let’s Celebrate!

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Hey Girlfriends, Let’s Celebrate!

Both material things and relationships can make us happy, but one can keep us happier much, much longer. Can you guess which? Get your mind out of the closet. It’s friends, of course! And not just companions. We’re talking about those ride-or-die good girlfriends; the ones we laugh hardest with and tell our deepest secrets to.

Science says that we get a lot more out of friendship than from laughter. In fact, spending time with a friend most days of the week is equivalent to the happiness we get from a $100,000 raise. Sure, a new pair of heels feels great. But, $100,000 great? We don’t think so!

On National Women’s Friendship Day, gather your girlfriends and soak up the bliss. Have some fun with the women who are important in your life, and get your dose of oxytocin that all of us need. Seriously, this little chemical is powerful – gives us a feeling of connection and love.

But enough about science. Feeling inspired to get your girls together and celebrate all that is love and friendship? Us too. (Group hug ☺).

friendship with Jazzercise members

Here are a few ideas:

Wine & dine: This one seems obvious. Or, is that just us? Meet up at a restaurant and gorge on the goodness that is girlfriends, cheese boards and maybe a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Walk ‘n talk: Want an even healthier choice? Get out and walk with a girlfriend. A long walk gives you time to catch up plus get the endorphins going. Score! So take it to the park, cruise the city, or find a mountain—just please wear sunscreen.

Step out of your norm: We all have a fitness routine we know and love, but stepping outside of the box can be good for us—$100,000 good, maybe. Instead of going on your usual run, try something new together. Going with a friend can ease you out of your comfort zone and make you feel connected through that new experience. Plus, you may just work out parts of your body you haven’t felt in a while.

stretching before workout

It’s really that easy to celebrate National Women’s Friendship Day. And if you can’t see them all, take a moment to send your women friends a text and tell them how you appreciate them. After all, they helped you earn that $100,000 raise—euphorically speaking.

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