September 2023

Four Years of Jazzercise On Demand: Memories From Our FitPros

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Four Years of Jazzercise On Demand: Memories From Our FitPros

Can you believe Jazzercise On Demand turns FOUR this year? We launched Jazzercise On Demand in 2019, and it's hard to believe it's already been four years of dancing, strengthening, and sweating with our amazing online community (ahem, all of YOU!). 

We started with just a handful of videos, and today more than 900 classes are available, including HIIT, pre- and post-baby, mobility, and more.

In honor of this exciting milestone (hey, four years is no small feat!), we asked some of our Jazzercise On Demand instructors about some of their favorite memories. From funny, behind-the-scenes scoop, to those first pandemic livestreams, and beyond, here are some of your FitPro's favorite Jazzercise On Demand memories.

What is your favorite backstage or behind-the-scenes moment? 

LaVonne: My favorite moments are rehearsals. It is usually the first time that we have all seen or been together in a while. This is when we get to put the final touches on routines we have been practicing for a few weeks.

Luca: I love chatting and catching up with the crew in the rehearsal room.

Young: Love the conversations and laughing in the green room. I mean, the topic of conversation ranges from wellness, to makeup, to's a true bonding moment.

Toni: I love seeing the whole video production process. Our team (Dave, Rich, Jason, and Fiona) are truly incredible and efficient. 

Jenn: I have a few! I love getting to chat and catch up with everyone, especially the FitPros from out of town. I love seeing Adrienne’s cue cards…she draws stick figures of different movements on her cards and they just make me smile. And finally, the food. We always have excellent food during our shoots.

Claire: I love it when I can pop in backstage for one of our livestream classes. Watching my friends teach a stellar class to a camera, but knowing so many people are dancing with us all over at that moment, is super inspiring and so fun.

Adrienne: My favorite behind-the-scenes moment was when I had to do a quick apparel change to get back on set fast, but I was so sweaty that I ended up jumping around trying to pull my leggings on, falling over, almost crashing through the door and landing on the makeup crew!   BUT my stealth-like Fitpro reflexes kicked in and I recovered! It was epic. 

Raffaele: My favorite moment was last year when I was filming for the first time “live” with all the crew. I used to record my classes from Italy, and when I was with all my On Demand family I was so excited and I’ll never forget that feeling. 

Emily: I’ll never forget when we taught our first livestream after the pandemic shutdown and were finally able to be together after months of recording at home by ourselves. It was really magical!   

Shanna: Being in the rehearsal room and just laughing and kind of making fun of each other in between taping is my favorite part. We love each other truly and that support is priceless.

Shandi: The post-taping toast with Judi! 

What do you love most about the Jazzercise On Demand community? 

Shanna: I love watching people find On Demand and seeing the warm welcome they receive from our community. I also LOVE how different we are. It just proves how kind our community is!

Jenn: There is NOTHING like the Jazzercise On Demand community. They are incredibly supportive and uplifting to each other as well as to all the FitPros. They are all a part of our Jazzercise On Demand family.

Young: The support system is gold! It truly feels like an extended family. They are there to celebrate your wins, comfort in your losses, and in the end, offer their love and support whether you are new or have been with us for years.

LaVonne: I enjoy seeing how supportive and encouraging the online community is to each other. It’s very much like our in-class community. 

Emily: I love how incredibly supportive everyone is of each other. The sweaty selfies, social media posts, and uplifting messages on the community board go a long way in creating a closeness like you get in a real studio. There is no motivation like the FitFam!

Luca: Love to see the different places our community takes On Demand classes. And it’s great to see that they are able to do all the classes!

Shandi: Love the real-time feedback...if there's something that's working — or not — we want to know, and love the honesty of our community.

Raffaele: It feels like I know everyone, even if I never meet most of them, and I feel so much LOVE always.

Claire: Jazzercise is all about loving your workout and getting to "see,” and getting to know, so many people all over the world who love dance fitness as much as we do is the best!

Toni: I love that a digital community can FEEL like an in-person community.  We are so connected — I even know some of our FitFam member’s workout schedules! Because of this closeness and connectedness, I’m excited to reach even more subscribers. Jazzercise is THE BEST program, and On Demand allows us to expand our international community through our common love of healthy living.

Adrienne: What I love most about our On Demand community is the instant connection, instant friendship, instant family. It truly amazes me to see people on our social media platform form the sweetest friendships and friendships with us. From Texas to the UK, to Italy, Japan, Australia and beyond, On Demand has created a worldwide fitness family and it’s just getting bigger and better.

What excites you about the future of Jazzercise On Demand?

Luca: The new moves in upcoming workouts, that’s what excites me! 

Claire: More great programming! I love Dance Sculpt and the Mobility Collection to supplement the classes I teach and take at the studio. 

Raffaele: All the different workouts we provide, never boring and soooo effective. I’m always super excited to see what’s coming. 

Jenn: I am excited for fresh new content and new faces on the team! 

LaVonne: Continued addition of new well-being content. For example, Simply Plated., mobility, HIIT classes, and the pre- and post-baby classes.  

Adrienne: On Demand does an amazing job of meeting the multitude of needs of our Jazzercise On Demand babes, and I’m so pumped to see how they spoil us next…their creativity is so needed and next level!

Shanna: I’m excited to reach more people with Jazzercise and to share new instructors with our On Demand Community. 

Shandi: Seeing our community grow! I love the range of the diversity of our community (age, race, size, personality, etc.).

Emily: We are literally always innovating, so I know there will always be new workouts to look forward to! I personally love the Mobility and HIIT collections and (of course!) Simply Plated. since they support total body wellness…so I’m extra excited for the future of those programs.

Toni: This may surprise those who know me, because they know I mostly eat to fuel, and that I really dislike cooking. However, I’m most excited for more Simply Plated. content. Our Simply Plated. show is FULL of valuable information, rounding out the program in the most effective way! Plus, it’s even gotten me cooking. 

Young: Honestly, to hear more stories about how Jazzercise has changed lives. I will never hear enough of that and hopefully our reach will be even bigger.

After four years of sweating, smiling, and dancing together, we can’t wait for what the next four years (and beyond!) have in store! Want to join the On Demand FitFam and the non-stop fun? You can try Jazzercise On Demand today! 

Have a favorite Jazzercise On Demand memory? Share in the comments below.

Lynda MacIntyre
Thanks everyone for helping me improve my health and wellness. I start each week with selecting my classes for each day of the week including Sunday. There is variety of programs provided including “simply plated” that I recently signed up to compliment my daily jazzercise classes. My favorites are from Jenn, Toni, Emily, Shanna, Claire , Young and Adrienne. I would request more opportunity for Adrienne classes since I am a repeat customer on the session that she announced about her grandchild and years with jazzercise. Adrienne and Shanna are my motivators since I am 71 years old and love their low impact classes on demand. My family has seen how important and fun jazzercise is for me so they are very supportive. Jazzercise On Demand is terrific. Thank you and look forward to 2024.
11/28/2023 12:46:33 AM

Cindy Closser
The past four years I have developed close friendships with the on demand fitfam and with the fit pros! I love how we all help and inspire one another and uplift each other! Jazzercise on demand has played a huge part in improving my mental health the past four years. Jazzing is truly my happy place ! Love you all!
9/30/2023 7:03:33 PM

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