April 2016

For the Love of Dance!

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For the Love of Dance!

April 29th is International Dance Day, and we absolutely love that there’s an entire holiday dedicated solely to our great love of dance!

Jazzercise, Inc. is proud to host dance classes in several different countries across the globe. Just like we have continuously evolved over the years to continue to provide the best dance fitness classes on the planet, dance as an art form has also changed a little throughout the times. Check out some interesting international dance facts below!

Dance Fun Facts:

  • Jump in the line: The world record for the longest conga line was set by 119,986 people in Miami in 1988.
  • An international stew: Tap dancing is actually rooted from African Juba Dance, English Lancashire Clog Dance, and Irish step dance.
  • Dance medicine: Belly dance has been praised for countless physical and emotional health benefits. Turns out it’s not only a favorite exotic style of dance, but the movements are used to aid in meditation, weight loss, muscle tone improvement, and endurance training.
  • Salsa mix: Salsa started in Cuba at the end of the 19th century and is a fusion of many different dances in Latin America and West Africa. It reached peak popularity in the U.S. in the 70s, and features many variations—L.A., New York, Miami, and Cali, to name a few!
  • A mile in their dance shoes: Professional ballerinas often go through 3-4 pairs of 7-inch pointe shoes…per week!
  • So many moves: Jamaican Dancehall dance consists of over 800 moves and counting! The name was dubbed after dance halls became popular in the 1940s.
  • Muscle mania: The amount of energy needed to perform a ballet is about the same as running 18 miles. That’s almost a marathon!
  • Doctor’s orders: Studies show that dancing helps prevent heart disease.
  • Calorie kicker: An hour of vigorous dancing burns between 600-800 calories!

If that last fact wasn’t reason enough for you to run…or, dance your way over to one of our dance fitness classes that will leave you looking and feeling fabulous, then maybe this will:

Free dance fitness classes for the entire month of May! That’s right, let’s get moving and grooving together—grab your friends and join us! Whatever your fitness style or needs, come tear it up and dance it out on the floor with us!

Show us how you #MoveToTheGroove!

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