February 2017

Transformation Tuesday: Gail McComb

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Transformation Tuesday: Gail McComb

It’s Transformation Tuesday and, girl, have we got a good one for you. Gail McComb is a mother of four (!) and recently celebrated her one year Instructor Jazzer-versary has Gail pumped up about her transformation from workout rookie to rockstar instructor. Here she shares her transformation and gives tips to maximize your Jazzercise workout.

Living by the philosophy “Whatever you are be a good one” -Abraham Lincoln, Gail is now a superstar certified instructor, and keen business owner. Here, she shares her top tips for making the most of your workout:

  1. More equals less! When Gail first started going to Jazzercise she took 1-2 classes per week. Year two, she pumped it up to 5 classes a week. Gail states, “Five classes a week felt healthier and I could feel my body changing.” To amplify your results, try boosting your exercise routine by adding a few more classes to your weekly schedule. The moral of the story, more dance party equals less on the scale.

  2. Don’t be a workout drop-out! Staying for the entire 60-minute class not only gives you the extra calorie burn, but also increases your metabolism even after the workout. Our article Anaerobic V. Aerobic – What Is the Best Exercise to Burn Fat? shows that the best way to get the most out of your workout is to incorporate both cardio and weight training. “Staying for the strength portion [is] what started changing my body.” says Gail, and she’s right! Staying for weight training now will burn off the calories later.

  3. Start now. No big surprise here, the sooner you start working out the sooner you will start feeling the results. Getting over the pre-workout jitters can be challenging, especially if you’ve never tried Jazzercise before. Our fireball-cheerleader Gail states “You feel like you need to get in shape before you get in shape. But you can’t let that stop you.”

  4. Keep it consistent! Even while traveling Gail sticks to her workout routine. “I would go with my kids to water polo tournaments all over the state and I’d find Jazzercise classes.” Going on vacation doesn’t have to mean going on vacation from your workout. (You can read more about Staying in Top Shape While Traveling here.)

In three short years Gail has gone from customer to Certified Instructor to Class Owner. “People used to ask me if I was an instructor [while taking class] and it planted the seed,” tells Gail. Oh, how that seed has bloomed! Most days, you’ll find her teaching at the Jazzercise Encinitas Community Center or Jazzercise Carlsbad Fitness Center.

For Gail, Jazzercise is more than a workout; it’s a community. She notices that people tend to “go to class together and go out afterward. They support each other through births, deaths, and it’s really beautiful.” As she tells it, “There’s no judgement at Jazzercise. Come and get started. Everyone is going to support you. And that’s true no matter where you take class. “

Cherie Van Gerpen
I am "addicted" to Jazzercise! I have been attending since 2002! It helps me physically, but also mentally & emtionally! I love the relationships & that people check on me if I miss! Great group!! Our franchise owner is awesome!!
7/6/2017 4:31:56 PM

Thank you Gail ! You're an awesome instructor because you make the workouts so much fun!
3/20/2017 12:03:39 PM

Seneca. I'm interested in coming to your class but have some concerns about my knee. How would this program help me?
3/15/2017 5:51:54 AM

Lorrie Maland
Can Jazzercise have a "visitor" minimal fee to a class when traveling? I just spent 3 weeks traveling and would have gone to classes but it was too expensive.
2/15/2017 11:12:35 PM

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