August 2015

Holy Hashtags!

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Holy Hashtags!

Hashtags? Hash browns? Hash whats?!

What exactly is the deal with those darn little social media tic-tac-toe looking thingies nobody will stop talking about?

No, they’re not a breakfast item at Denny’s or a board game. What was once just the good old-fashioned pound sign on our phones has now turned into the most popular and effective way to categorize and find content across social media. 

Hashtags help make pictures and text more discoverable, allowing social media users to connect with other people based on common themes and interests.

For example, if you want to search all things across a social media platform related to cats, simply search “#cat”, and everything being posted around the world in that exact moment with the same hashtag will appear in your feed, granting you access to people and content you otherwise would’ve never known existed. 

Um…that’s what we call #mindblowing!

If you’re interested in gaining access to a wide variety of helpful fitness tips from all across social media, you must not only get into the hashtag movement, but also know how to do so properly, since it’s totally the #wayofthefuture.

New to the world of hashtags? Fret not. We promise it’s not as intimidating as it seems, and we’ll break down exactly how it works while letting you in on the most popular health and fitness hashtags, including a couple of Jazzercise originals! 

Hashtag tips:

Be specific. Make sure your hashtags are relevant to what you’re searching or posting. In other words, you’re probably not going to find too many pictures of cats or win over too many followers by placing “#cat “on a picture of a bird. Plus, everyone will think you’re weird.

Short is sweet. Even though your cat may truly be  #thecutestcatintheentireworld (translation in realspeak: “the cutest cat in the entire world”), hashtags are meant to make content easier to find. If a hashtag is too long or obscure, no one will be searching for it, much less find it. 

Less is more. When posting, though you may be tempted to post 20 different hashtags on one post about how cute your cat is (i.e. #cat, #cutecat, #mycutecat, #mycutecatisthecutestcat, etc., etc.) don’t do it! Repeat: back away from the hashtag key. While more hashtags mean more reach, overdoing them can potentially attract the wrong kind of attention like spammers or people only interested in being followed back. Try to limit hashtags to no more than five per post.

Bye, bye grammar. Everybody minus the English teachers of the world is rejoicing over this one. Think of hashtags as sending out a Morse code of sorts. The prerogative is to get information out quickly and succinctly. Read: Proper capitalization, punctuation and spacing #dontapply. #yay!

Popular fitness-related hashtags:

While the fickle world of social media is constantly evolving, certain health and fitness related hashtags have proven over time to remain effective.



And now, we’d like to introduce our exciting new Jazzercise hashtags (drum roll, please): #thenewjazzercise       
Now that we have a better understanding of them, let’s begin to incorporate hashtags, especially our own Jazzercise hashtags, into our content to more easily connect with our Krew across the country and around the world! 

Because we seriously #loveyouguys! 

Carolyn Smith
- what is a URL?
- Where do we hashtag?

From Jazzzercise: Hi Carolyn. You would put a URL in if you had a website. For the hashtags, they can be used on Twitter or Instagram.
8/18/2015 8:59:31 PM

Jeannine Reese Novak
Yay! Couldn't have been posted at a more perfect time- I just created my tweet name and then had no idea how to post or respond!!!

From Jazzercise: You are very welcome!
8/18/2015 4:36:26 PM

#joinourjazzercisefamily #dancinginBlaine #2nite

From Jazzercise: Great additions! Thanks.
8/18/2015 2:25:03 PM

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