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6 Ways to Crush Your 2020 Goals

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6 Ways to Crush Your 2020 Goals

We’re less than two weeks away from a brand new decade and let’s get real, who needs New Year’s resolutions when you can create kinder, healthier habits that last a lifetime? So this year, instead of setting hard-to-keep resolutions or Googling every form of “how to lose weight,” let’s focus on six ways to become the best, healthiest version of you yet. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be conquering goals (and feeling ah-mazing) in no time!

1. Put YOU First
Our number one tip is to always put YOU on top of your list. Whether you’re feeling sore, tired or mentally strained, a little self-care can go a long way. Push yourself, but be willing to take the night off if you need it. Work hard, but treat yourself to relaxation time later. Set goals, but don’t be afraid to rest along the way. Most of all, don’t be afraid to say “no” to someone else, in order to say “yes” to you.

2. Reframe Your Goals
Weight loss is at the top of a lot of New Year’s Resolution lists, and we get it—who doesn’t want to look amazing and feel great about it? But let’s rethink the “why” behind it. Is health your ultimate goal? Make “eating healthier” your desired outcome. Are you wanting to love your body again? Make “gain self-confidence” your goal. Sometimes getting down to the heart of what we really want will help make the path clearer.

3. Set Yourself up for Success
The hardest part of any goal is getting started, so set yourself up for success before you even start! Set your workout clothes out the night before, meal prep for the week or put your fitness classes or gym time on your calendar...and stick to it! By making your plans easier to stick to, it will make your goals easier to conquer.

4. Do What You Love
Whether you want to eat healthier, workout more often or take more time for yourself, accomplishing your goal is so much easier (and more fun!) if it involves doing what you love. If eating healthier is your goal, find that one healthy meal you absolutely love to make. If you want to exercise more often, find a workout that’s fun and makes you feel your best. Reaching your goals is challenging, but doing what you love will make them feel more doable.

5. Get an Accountability Buddy
Community is so important when working towards your goals. Finding a support system or a friend who has similar objectives will help keep you accountable, and also give you someone to talk to about the challenges you might face along the way.

6. Celebrate What Your Body Can Do
You’re about to get inundated with diet, weight loss and fitness commercials, but don’t get too wrapped up in the hype of it all. Health has no size, so instead of obsessing about every inch, every pound or every calorie, let’s celebrate what our bodies can do instead by caring for it the best we can and moving it every chance we get.

What are your goals for 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

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My goal for 2021 was to start working out. I am trying to work out three times a week . I have taken Jazzercise before and am interested in incorporating it into my fitness routine.
5/14/2021 1:48:27 PM

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