Talent and Presenters

Judi Sheppard Missett taught her first “dance fitness” class in 1969, a class that very quickly grew to become the global fitness phenomenon known as Jazzercise. Today as Jazzercise, Inc. CEO, Judi oversees a corporate staff of over 150 and 8,300+ franchisees worldwide. Together with her Jazzercise instructors, she has helped raise over $30 million for a wide range of charitable organizations. Her many honors include Lifetime Achievement Awards from the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, induction into the Enterprising Women Hall of Fame, the President's Award from the Women Presidents' Organization, the Committee of 200's Entrepreneurial Champion Luminary Award plus Lifetime Achievement Awards from both the Gus Giordano Foundation (2018) and the San Diego Business Journal (2018). Jazzercise is currently ranked the #1 Woman-Owned Business in San Diego.

Fun Fact: After teaching, Judi’s favorite thing to do is enjoy a Dr. Pepper. In fact, her mini fridges in her office in Carlsbad and the Oceanside Center are always fully stocked!


Shanna Missett Nelson is President of Jazzercise, managing strategic direction of the both the business and apparel sides of Jazzercise while heading up the corporate management team. Shanna is also a 30+ year veteran instructor who still teaches at least 3 times per week, plus creates brand choreography and manages Jazzercise, Inc.’s two corporately owned fitness centers. At the end of a Jazzercise-filled day of teaching and leading and co-creating, there is no place Shanna would rather be than with her 2 daughters and their dad. And pup Shadow, of course!

Fun Fact: Shanna is a crockpot master, dance team shuttle driver and apples + peanut butter enthusiast.


Candace Abplanalp is a Training & Development Specialist, as well as contributing member of the Notes Team, Elevate and FitPro board on The Studio. She has also appeared as a guest on the taping team. She was certified as an instructor in Oceanside, California in November 2009—the same year she graduated from high school!—and currently resides and teaches in Utah. Candace completed her BS in Exercise & Wellness the month that her son was born and continues to stay busy as a mom of two.

Fun Fact: When not at Jazzercise, Candace loves to rock climb with her husband, hike with her family, and bake bread...her favorite is a Macaroni Grill rosemary bread knockoff!


Raffaele Bonora has been teaching Jazzercise for 22 years and runs a center in Italy. He is also a Training Specialist, Assessment Coordinator, part of the Instructor Development Team AND was a taping team guest member in 2016. He has presented at elite conventions in Europe and has performed at international events all over the world, including Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, Austria, Las Vegas and Orlando.

Fun Fact: Raffaele never liked sports or fitness until his sister introduced him to Jazzercise. Since then, he hasn’t been able to live without it!


Nancy Brady was one of the first Junior Jazzercisers in 1975 when Judi was teaching at the community center in Carlsbad and has been teaching Jazzercise since 1984. She has traveled worldwide with Jazzercise for video tapings and instructor presentations and still owns a Jazzercise location in Dana Point, CA. Nancy has a Master’s Degree in Special Education and also works as an Inclusion Specialist.

Fun Fact: Nancy’s mom, Mary Jean Tibbels, was Judi’s baton twirling teacher in Omaha, NE when Judi was just 14 years old.

Ashley Clarke

Ashley Clarke may be best known as Shanna’s doppelganger (even Judi has mistaken Ashley for Shanna!), but she’s made her own mark teaching classes at the Oceanside facility. Ashley also works with the Jazzercise, Inc. Instructor Development team, juggling her roles as Assessment Coordinator, instructor, and mom “all in a day’s work.” She’s proud to report that she recently encouraged a customer who swore she could not work with 8 lb. weights to up them to 10 lbs. and that customer reports she’s feeling stronger inside and out. As Ashley says, “I can’t get enough muscle work!”

Fun Fact: Originally certified as an Registered Nurse, Ashley practiced for years but has stuck exclusively to her Jazzercise roles since her 2nd child was born.

Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis certified as a Jazzercise instructor in 2009 while completing her MFA in dance at UC Irvine. In her 9 years as an Instructor, she’s presented at events in Italy, Japan, Washington D.C. and Palm Springs, and works for Jazzercise, Inc. as a member of the Training & Development Team. In addition to her position as an Associate at the Carlsbad Center in Southern California, Ashley is also a Training Specialist & Assessment Coordinator, a member of the Notes Team and a contributing writer for Elevate. She has created choreography for events, as well as for specialty classes like Ballet Body, Yoga Fusion and Tone for Two.

Fun Fact: When she’s nervous, Ashley eats grilled cheese sandwiches and truly believes that a good grilled cheese is underrated.

Holly Galloway

Holly Galloway has been a Jazzercise instructor since 1999 and still has a blast every time she teaches. Besides teaching at the Oceanside and Carlsbad centers, she works full-time in the Training & Development department at the corporate office. As a training specialist and corporate mentor, Holly has helped countless instructors fulfill their dreams of getting onstage. You may also recognize her from routine DVDs, Jazzercise conventions and franchisee conferences over the years.

Fun Fact: When Holly isn’t teaching, she loves to ride her horse Laci, cuddle with her dogs Joey and Scuba and grand-puppy Luna, and of course spend time with her kids and grandbaby Sophie!

Mario Mancini

Mario MANIACI certified as a Jazzercise Instructor in 1996 and is a former International Trainer and Assessment Coordinator. In 2012 he became the Sales Manager for Italy, Malta and Croatia. Mario has performed at international events in Italy, London and Orlando, and is even sponsored by Reebok in Italy! Mario started out as a swimmer and water polo player and now teaches sports medicine at the Italian University.

Fun Fact: Mario loves American food. The first time he arrived in the United States he fell in love with cheesecake and brownies. It was love at first...taste!


Young McCarthy is the Director of Training and Development at Jazzercise, Inc., and is well known for her presence in choreography DVDs, instructional materials, events, marketing materials, and as an instructor at the Jazzercise Oceanside Fitness Center. Young implemented the Studio, Jazzercise, Inc.’s internal teaching and communication platform that has brought both franchisees and Jazz, Inc, employees together, altering the business landscape for the better. She is a self-professed tech geek, and when she’s not working or reading on one of her techy devices, Young tries to keep up with her husband and daughter in their endless zest for life.

Fun Fact: Both of Young’s parents served 20 years in the Marine Corps, and she attributes much of her teaching style to growing up with a Drill Instructor for a Mother.


Adrienne Menichini is a 23-year veteran instructor. She made what she calls the “best decision ever” when she opened the Jazzercise Southlake Premier Center in June 2017 after being a satellite owner for 21 years. In 2018 her center earned platinum status, which she attributes to her powerhouse instructors. Adrienne was recently selected to participate in filming the first round of Jazzercise On Demand with five other instructors.

Fun Fact: At 8 years old, Adrienne was a beast at playing softball. One day her BFF showed up to watch her game in a sparkly dance recital costume and that was it...the sequins won! That was Adrienne's last softball game. The rest is history!


Rich Mundy is a 32-year Jazzercise instructor, Center Sales Manager, and owns three Jazzercise Fitness Centers in Portland, Oregon. He has appeared in numerous Jazzercise choreography DVDs and trainings plus travels regularly as a Jazzercise presenter.

Fun Fact: Rich and his veterinarian-husband are living their best life with dogs and horses in Oregon.


Emily Newlands is a Training & Development Specialist and Taping Team member and has been teaching at the Oceanside and Carlsbad Jazzercise centers for 8 years. She has been dancing since the age of 3 and is fully certified in both BASI Pilates and Yoga Tune Up. She is a M.S. candidate in Nutrition and Integrative Health, and loves sharing her passion for health and wellness with her Jazzercise family!

Fun Fact: Emily once lived and taught English in the Champagne region of France and loves to cook, write, travel, and speak French.


Toni Pitruzzello began teaching classes in Carlsbad, CA in 2010. You may recognize her from her work as a guest instructor from Jazzercise DVD’S, apparel Look Books, or live events in Las Vegas, Orlando, Dallas and Palm Springs. She loves to travel and is very connected to ‘la dolce vita’ of Italy, where she has taught classes from Milan to Sicily. She earned her BA in Theatre Arts, focusing her study in the Suzuki method.

Fun Fact: Not only are both her sisters and mom instructors, she looks forward to when her two daughters will participate in Jr. Jazzercise and then continue the legacy of Jazzercise.


Tim Roberts is a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer, aerobic champion and Artistic Director of his own elite competitive dance company called Project T, which consists of 25 of the top dancers from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. ages 9-17. He helped choreograph and performed in the closing ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Barcelona and his TV credits extend from Disney to the ESPN National Aerobic Championships.

Fun Fact: Tim is a loyal and somewhat obsessed fan of all things Beyoncè.

Beppe Sandon

Beppe Sandon is celebrating his 20th anniversary as a Jazzercise Instructor! He is a former Training Specialist and Assessment Coordinator and has presented at events in Italy, UK, Egypt, Las Vegas and Orlando. He also supported Jazzercise Inc. in the opening of the Egypt branch by training instructors, opening centers and promoting the program in Egyptian culture. Beppe opened his own Jazzercise Center in Italy in 2012 that he still owns and runs. When he’s not busy with Jazzercise or charity events, he enjoys playing sports and traveling with his mate, Max, and their son.

Fun Fact: Beppe loves cooking recipes he learned from his mother and inventing new ones. His favorites are tiramisù and homemade pasta.


Emily Tyson has 13 years under her belt as a Jazzercise instructor, heads up the Junior Jazzercise program for children ages 4 through 16, and works in the Training and Development Department. She has been a part of numerous Jazzercise Live Events both domestically and Internationally.

Fun Fact: Emily loves football and says because her husband is a football coach, “this is a MUST in our house!”


Luca Zoppelletto certified as a Jazzercise instructor in 1997 and immediately became involved with Italy’s Jazzercise team. He has presented in many countries around the world, including Switzerland, England, United States and Australia. He opened the first Jazzercise Premier Center in Italy in 2013 and later was the guest instructor on Jazzercise DVD R3/2016.

Fun Fact: Luca studied engineering and is the managing director of his family’s mechanical engineering company.