Jazzercise 50 Years Strong
Jazzercise 50 Years Strong

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Classes start at 4:30pm
Girls Night Out
GIRLS NIGHT OUT Shanna, Young + Girls
There's nothing like dancing with your tribe. Come shake it with us!
Disco Pre Party
Disco Pre-Party Tim Roberts
We may love our top 40, but classic disco will always have a place in our hearts. Tim Roberts teaches iconic disco moves with a modern twist - as only he can.


In alphabetical order
Around the World
Around the World You already know that dance is a global language. Now see Jazzercise through the world’s eyes with this multi-cultural experience guided by some of our best talent from the US & abroad. See who's coming from Around the World.
Body Strong
Body Strong The challenge of our strength classes using pure resistance. No weights or tubes. Learn to execute strength movements to maximize your results – in all your classes.
Booty Burn
Booty Burn Don’t get left behind! From warmup to cooldown, this class will tighten and tone your lower body with just the right amount of muscle work for max results.
Body Strong
Core Fusion Find your center and hit the heartrate hard with this fast-paced, interval-based core class.
Dance MIXX Stile Italiano
Dance MIXX Stile Italiano Jazzercise men of Italy bring the heat with a dance party you won’t want to miss.
Dance Stretch with Judi Sheppard Missett
Dance Stretch with Judi Sheppard Missett Stretching your body is crucial to releasing tension and building lithe, agile muscle tissue. Lengthen like a dancer in Judi’s signature stretch class.
Dancing Abs
Dancing Abs This core cardio crush – with no sit ups or crunches – will have you shaking, sweating & of course smiling.
Dansu with Jazzercise Japan
Dansu with Jazzercise Japan Discover why Japan is the largest Jazzercise presence outside the US. Feel their passion and experience the precision that makes Jazzercise Japan so strong.
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Duel Off
Duel Off It’s baaaaaack!!! Pick a side and dance your tail off as two FitPros flaunt their stuff in a one-on-one dance floor duel.
FitPro Pilates
FitPro Pilates Work with a true Pilates professional to perfect the Pilates movements most utilized in our Jazzercise classes. This set will help you get the most out of your workout every time.
Floor Barre
Floor Barre The form, alignment, and core strength you get in a traditional ballet class without the barre. Isolated stretch, strength and toning movements both standing and on the floor sculpt a lean ballet dancer body.
Get LO
Get LO Go hopless and use your muscles – not momentum – to get a total body workout. This is not a drill!
Slider Sculpt
Slider Sculpt Core sliders challenge & transform your workout. Sliding discs activate & engage your core, increasing stability without resistance or weights.
Street Style with Tim Roberts
Street Style with Tim Roberts Fresh music and hip hop moves everyone can do with our favorite professional dance choreographer.
Strength50 Sculpt lean muscle through tube work plus resistance training for a tight, toned physique.
Body Strong
Super Muscoli Get Strong – Italian style, and work your muscles to the max. Come check out these amazing Italian men and you’ll get a full body workout and be thoroughly entertained!
Body Strong
Upper Body Builder Tank tops, anyone? You’ll want to stand tall and show off those shoulders after this targeted strength class for your arms, back and core.
US East vs. West
US East vs. West Top talent from each side of the Mississippi split the stage for an epic dance battle you won’t want to miss. See who is representing your side! US East vs. West Talent
Yoga Strong
Yoga Strong Strengthen and sculpt with our traditional strength routines, interspersed with yoga stretches and poses to balance your body.
50 Years Strong FINALE
50 Years Strong FINALE Celebrate 50 years of Jazzercise with a truly unprecedented dance party that proves this is just the beginning…