Instructor Franchise

Get off the floor – and onto the stage!
Do you want to share your passion with others? Become a fitness instructor! Jazzercise offers you the opportunity to own your own business while staying fit and enhancing the lives of others through exercise and dance. Take it. Love it. Teach it.

Owner Instructor
An Owner Instructor owns and teaches classes. Many Owner Instructors also hire Substitute Instructors to teach classes. Owner Instructors are certified to teach all class formats, or they are certified to teach only Jazzercise Lite or Junior Jazzercise.

Substitute Instructor
A Substitute Instructor may teach all formats. A Substitute Instructor may also be certified to teach only Junior Jazzercise or Jazzercise Lite. A Substitute Instructor teaches class for an Owner Instructor or business franchisee.

Substitute Instructors may be considered floating or associate.
  • Floating Substitutes work on an “as needed” basis for many different class owners, and do not own classes.
  • Associate Substitutes work on a regular basis for one class owner and do not own classes.

Jazzercise Lite and Junior Jazzercise Instructors
An instructor who chooses to teach ONLY Jazzercise Lite or Junior Jazzercise may not teach any other format. This certification requires training specific to these formats. An addendum is attached to the instructor’s franchise agreement restricting the class format they may teach. Jazzercise Lite Instructors and Junior Jazzercise Instructors can choose to be either an Owner Instructor or a Substitute Instructor.

Standard for Industry Training 
In the process to become a fitness instructor, a Jazzercise Instructor applicant is trained and must be certified before becoming a franchisee. (Every certified instructor holds a franchise.) The certification program, conducted worldwide through many regularly scheduled two to three-day workshops, is comprehensive and requires substantial advance preparation.
  • Health and Fitness Pre-workshop study of basic anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition, body composition, dance technique, injury prevention, exercise leadership, and Jazzercise teaching technique prepares trainees for a 100-question written exam.
  • Performance Trainees must learn several Jazzercise routines, some of which must be presented during a practical exam.
  • CPR Trainees must obtain a cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certificate (before attending a workshop) and are required to maintain the certification once they become a franchisee.
Instructor training curriculum and course materials are consistent with the AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) Basic Standards and Guidelines.


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