Snack Attack

(CARLSBAD, CA) – A little bite here. A small spoonful there. Just a taste, pinch, or lick. It seems so innocent. But, all that snacking can lead to an ever-expanding waistline and diet disaster!

It seems that snacking is an American pastime. We nosh on potato chips while watching reality TV. We munch on crackers as we view our Facebook friends’ updates. We snatch handfuls of M&M’s from our co-workers’ desks. And we slurp down our smoothies in the midst of running errands.

Snacking isn’t bad. Actually, snacking is a healthy habit, since most dieticians and healthcare professionals recommend eating four to six small meals throughout the day. So, the question is not whether you should or should not snack, rather the question is, “What are you snacking on?”

Jazzercise Founder and CEO Judi Sheppard Missett recommends healthy snacking, particularly before or after a vigorous workout. Missett offers these ideas for healthy snacks that are low in calories and will keep hunger at bay.

  • Eggs - One hard-boiled egg has about 80 calories. It has enough protein “staying power” to help you feel full without all the excess calories. Just don’t fry or scramble your egg in butter, which packs on the fat grams.
  • Nuts – Grab a handful of nuts if you’re craving something crunchy or salty. Shoot for ten almonds or dry-roasted cashews, either of which totals about 100 calories.
  • Fruit - An apple has about 75-80 calories, while a banana ranges from 90-100 calories. Peaches, grapefruits, and tangerines all pack less than 50 calories, and these citrus varieties can even help ward off sweet tooth cravings.
  • Yogurt – Refuel with a cup of nonfat yogurt for 110 calories. Avoid pre-sweetened yogurts; add your own fruit to plain nonfat yogurt instead.
  • Veggies – Raw veggies are extremely low in calories. Dip your veggies in a little peanut butter, rather than ranch dressing, to add protein power to your snack.

Plan ahead to keep yourself from binging on empty calorie treats when that mid-afternoon slump sends you racing to the nearest vending machine. Portion out your snacks for the next few days and bring a few snack options with you to work or when you run errands. Keep healthy snacks available at all times, and you’re more likely to make wise choices throughout the day.

Jazzercise, created by Judi Sheppard Missett, is the world's leading dance-fitness program with more than 7,800 instructors teaching 32,000 classes weekly in the U.S. and around the globe. Since 1969, millions of people of all ages and fitness levels have reaped the benefits of this comprehensive program, designed to enhance cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. For more information on Jazzercise go to or call (800)FIT-IS-IT or (760)476-1750.

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