Are You Going Nuts?

(CARLSBAD, CA) – Walnuts, peanuts, pecans and almonds. Nuts are all around us, and according to the newest research, these nutritional powerhouses can be genuine lifesavers. Just last month, researchers from Loma Linda University published an analysis of 25 studies, all of which link nut consumption to a healthy heart.

Whether you toss a handful of almonds on your cereal in the morning or spread some low-fat peanut butter on a celery stalk before a workout, nuts are a great way to satiate your hunger and nourish your body. While naysayers may complain that nuts are high in calories and fat, evidence abounds that nuts – in moderation – are just plain good for us.

Jazzercise Founder and CEO Judi Sheppard Missett recommends eating nuts about three to four times per week. Missett cites these reasons for making nuts a staple of your dietary regimen.

  • Nuts assist in weight loss. Nuts are packed with healthy monounsaturated fat, combined with protein and fiber, all of which help you to feel full and manage your waistline. Find that hard to believe? Just check-out these results from a recent Harvard study. Researchers spent more than eight years studying the eating habits of 50,000 women. Their findings? Women who ate nuts two or more times per week gained less weight than women who rarely consumed nuts.
  • Nuts help lower cholesterol. Loma Linda researchers report that both men and women who eat two ounces of nuts on a daily basis reduced their LDL “bad” cholesterol levels by 10mg. Furthermore, nuts contain a substance called arginine, which relaxes blood vessels and prevents clotting. Perhaps that’s why women who eat nuts several times per week are 40 percent less likely to die of heart disease.
  • Nuts aid in building muscle. Nuts are a great alternative to steak or chicken for muscle-building protein. Best of all, nuts are typically inexpensive, so your nutrition doesn’t need to suffer when your budget is tight. For the same price as a single steak, you can buy a jar of peanut butter that will last for weeks. Look for a natural peanut butter, with no added sugar, salt, or hydrogenated oils. Two tablespoons of the peanut butter provides eight grams of protein.
  • Nuts are fierce fighters against disease.  Nuts are a powerhouse food when it comes to battling disease. Two weekly servings of nuts lower your risk for macular degeneration by 35 percent. That’s because the omega-3 fatty acids found in nuts reduce inflammation and prevent damage to your retina. Meanwhile, peanut consumption has also been linked to lowering the risk for type-2 diabetes.

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